Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where to stay in Jamaica?

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, realize that where you stay can make all the difference to your trip. Basically, there are three options you can choose from and they are hotels, all-inclusive resorts and finally Jamaica accommodation rentals. Lets us consider them one by one.

Jamaica has a fair share of hotels ranging from the budget to the luxurious. However, keep in mind that hotels no matter how comfortable provide a formal and impersonal environment and so you can’t really relax in the exact sense of the word. Besides, you’ll always be surrounded by the crowds. Also keep in mind that even a budget hotel, your stay can turn out to be pretty expensive considering that you would have to eat out all the time for the length of your stay.

The second option is the all-inclusive resorts. An all-inclusive resort offers a package deal where in apart from your accommodation, various activities such as sightseeing, golfing, and tours are included. All-inclusive resorts save you the hassle of planning your own itinerary, making your own bookings and reservations etc. But what you gain in terms of comfort you lose in terms of the adventure and the thrill of exploring a new place at your own leisure and pace. Then again, a stay in an all-inclusive resort can be expensive and your choice of what to see and do will be limited to what is included in the package unless ofcourse you want to forego all these and venture out on your own. Needless to say this would add to your costs.

The third option is to stay in Jamaica accommodation rentals. These rentals comprise private cottages, villas, studios, condos and apartments, idyllically located in beautiful garden settings, overlooking the beach or close to the attractions. Ranging from one bedroom to several bedroom apartments and offering facilities from comfortable to the luxurious these rentals are part hotel and part home. They combine the privacy, space and comfort of a home with all the services that a hotel provides. Besides, you have the freedom to discover the island at your own leisure and pace. Added to this is the fact that they are more affordable than both hotels and all-inclusive resorts because they have their own kitchen/kitchenette where you can prepare your own food or have the chef come in to prepare the meals. Besides, you can eat what you like when you like, in your own dining room or on the terrace or balcony taking in the spectacular views.

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