Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why stay in Jamaica villas?

Study the recent trends in travel and accommodation and you will notice a marked shift in people’s preferences with a definite sway towards vacation villas. Vacation rentals are fast emerging as a popular accommodation option as compared to a stay in a hotel. So why are Jamaican villas becoming so popular? You would definitely know the answer if you have stayed in one, and if you haven’t why not try one in your next visit to this idyllic paradise?

So first things first. Jamaica villas promise you lots of privacy, something no hotel can offer no matter how comfortable and luxurious it is. It is little wonder then, these rentals are also known as vacation homes. Then again, a hotel can offer you space but hardly enough to spend quality time with your family and friends. Let us take the case of dining together. Stay in a hotel and you will have to dine out everyday in restaurants and eateries surrounded by people. In your own private space that a Jamaican villa provides, you can all dine together in the privacy of your dining room or in the terrace taking in the beautiful views.

Moving on further, Jamaican villas are decorated and appointed to suit all tastes and budgets. Depending on whether you are traveling alone or in groups, you can choose between cottages, villas, apartment and studios. You can prepare your own meals or hire the services of a cook to help you out. So no matter what you are looking out for, it is safe to say that you would surely find it.

What about the costs associated with Jamaican villas? Well some can be more expensive than hotels, especially if you are looking for luxuries such as private pools etc. otherwise they are competitively priced and in fact prove to be more cost-effective on the long run especially if you are here for an extended stay. The added bonus is that you can even invite your friends to stay with you, which would mean no additional costs, something that is not possible if you are putting up in a hotel.

It would be in your interest to do some comparative shopping and study the rates of the Jamaica Villas. In all probability, you will find one that suits your budget. Once you are done, book your trip as soon as possible.

So if you have never stayed in Jamaica villas, it is time you tried out one during your next trip. You will be able to take advantage of all the benefits detailed above, and you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is more in store for you. Jamaica villas will make all your vacationing dreams come true.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventure holiday in Jamaica

If you are into active adventure sports, then you must take a trip to Jamaica. One holiday trip in Jamaica and you are guaranteed to return time and again. This beautiful island, boasting a number of natural attractions, offers the ultimate in thrill and excitement. From challenging biking tour on the mountains to diving into the depths of the sea, Jamaica offers a plethora of interesting activities and experiences.

An ideal adventure itinerary would include a visit to the various beaches followed by some diving and snorkeling tours and finally winding it up with a trek or a cycle tour through the countryside.

The fresh and invigorating air coupled with beautiful vistas and scenery form a perfect backdrop for some great adventurous activities. You can either start your adventure expedition with a bike ride through the challenging terrain of the majestic Blue Mountains. There are a number of professional cycle tour operators that offer full day mountain bike excursions. These companies take you on a joy ride through the lush tropical woodlands and usually at the end of the tour, you can take a dip in a waterfall. These tours promise you fun, frolic and excitement.

The region of Ocho Rios is also home to the famous Dunn’s River Falls. This magnificent 600ft waterfall cascades downwards and then bounces over the stony steps to finally join the waters of the blue sea. Here you can climb up the little stony steps to enjoy the gushing cascades or even swim in the little whirlpools.

Diving enthusiasts have much to look forward to since there are a couple of popular diving sites around Jamaica. The region of Ocho Rios has three important sites including Wreck of the Katryn, Top of the Mountain and Jack’s Hall. Dive 60-foot under at the Top of the Mountain diving site to view a variety of corals and gorgonians while a 140-foot former minesweeper can be viewed at the Wreck of the Katryn. If you would like to explore one of the sunken ships, you can visit the diving site of Park Royal, situated conveniently near the airport.

You can roundup your adventurous journey with a bamboo-rafting trip on the Rio Grande River in the Port Antonio Area. You can make your visit all the more memorable by staying at the upscale and luxurious vacation rental community of Silver Sands villas. Silver Sands offers a range of accommodation in Jamaica that are designed to suit travelers of all kinds. So if you are on an adventure sojourn in Jamaica, add that extra bit of excitement by staying in a vacation villa that is very like your home in terms of comfort and yet very different in that it allows you to experience a new way of life altogether.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why travel to Kingston in Jamaica

Kingston is not just the capital of Jamaica – it is also the island’s art, culture and commercial hub. Most visitors to Kingston, however, set base in Jamaica accommodation rentals on the scenic north coast. These rentals are at a convenient distance from Kingston making day trips possible there.

Port Royal, located nearby, was initially the capital of Jamaica. However, this ‘wickedest city on earth’ was destroyed by an earthquake and submerged into the sea. However, its reputation still lingers and attracts large number of visitors who come here to see if the traces of its wild past still linger.
Kingston is cushioned by the Blue Mountains and so is protected by the rains. So you can visit Kingston anytime of the year and enjoy the blissful tropical weather without the storms disrupting the sunshine.

The city provides enough attractions to suit all tastes and age groups. Most attractions are to be found on Hope Road. Here you can see Hope Botanical Gardens, Marley Museum and Devon House. The nightlife of Kingston is equally well-known so come dark and the bars and nightclubs come alive with parties, drinks, good food and of course music.

You can plan your trip to Kingston by browsing through the Silver Sands villas guide to Kingston. This secure community of villas on the north coast provides easy access to Kingston and the best of what the island has to offer.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jamaica villas holidays

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, chances are that you would be considering a stay in a hotel. However there are other options that are worth taking into account, especially if you are traveling with your family or friends. These include all-inclusive resorts and Jamaica villas. Of the three options: hotels, resorts and Jamaica villas, the latter would be the best bet if you want to save money and enjoy a high quality experience on the island.

What are Jamaica villas?

Jamaica villas are a perfect alternate to a hotel stay and are in a way your home away from home; similar to your home in terms of space, privacy, comfort and amenities and different in that they allow you to gain a first hand experience of the local way of life. What this means is that you don’t see Jamaica as a spectator but have the opportunity to live like the locals amidst locals. What better way can there be to understand the culture and way of life which is so different from what you are used to?

These villas are private homed owned by individuals or companies and rented to vacationers for a certain period of time. Property managers, who are local to the area, look after the site as also the guests. The services of a maid and chef are also included as part of the package; the maid will take care of the cleaning, laundry etc while the chef will prepare three traditional meals a day to pamper your taste buds.

The size of the staff varies from villa to villa. While the smaller ones usually include maid and chef, the bigger ones also have a gardener, bartender and even a driver to take you around some of the greatest tourist attractions of Jamaica including Ocho Rios and Bob Marley’s birthplace to name just a few. These Jamaica villas can also include the services of a butler, who is actually a modern day concierge. He not only looks after the property, but also serves the guests drinks and meals, and coordinates with outside companies to link guests with off-site vacation activities.

What are the costs of these villas?

The cost factor varies from villa to villa. Basically, it depends on two factors. One is the season, naturally the rates are higher during the high season. On the other hand, you can avail of great discounts and packages during the low season. There is great number of villas to choose from. However if you don’t know where to start, you can browse through the high collection of Silver Sands villas that are perfect for couples, families and friends.

As a case point, you can consider the Beach Haven villa, a three bedroom villa in Silver Sands, which costs around $1000 to $1200 during the low season for a 7 day stay and $1200 to $1600 during the high season and for the same period. Browse through the other villas listed on the Silver Sands villas website and check out their rates and chances are you could not find a greater bargain.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why holiday in Jamaica

Jamaica is the ultimate vacation destination is the Caribbean and listed here are some reasons why.

The weather: The year round warm tropical whether means that you can travel to the island any time and don’t have to wait for a particular season to visit. The coldest month is February but the cold here is nothing compared to what you would experience back home, say in the United States.

The beaches: What is Jamaica without its beaches. The stunning coastline is dotted with white sandy beaches perfect for relaxing, watching people and enjoying the activities. Some of the notable beaches are seven miles beach, Boston Beach, and Frenchman’s cove. When it comes to beaches, there are some rentals like Silver Sands villas that have their own private stretch of beach.

The atmosphere: The weather and the beaches combine together to provide a tropical atmosphere that is truly magical. It is little wonder then Jamaica is also the ultimate romantic destination attracting people from all over the world to come here to tie the knot. This is not to say that Jamaica is not for families. Indeed there are a number of Jamaica rentals such as Silver Sands villas that cater especially to families.

Where to vacation and stay in Jamaica

Jamaica is the largest English speaking island in the Caribbean. The island’s natural topography comprising mountains, valleys, plains, waterfalls, natural rivers and mineral springs open up immense opportunity for things to do and see. The year round warm, tropical weather adds to the joys of a holiday. So it is little wonder then that the island attracts more than one million visitors every year. To accommodate the needs of the visitors, the island offers, apart from hotels, a wide array of private Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments which are based on the concept of home away from home and are more affordable than hotels.

If this is your first visit to the island, here is a list of towns and cities, you might like to visit.


The ‘heartbeat of Jamaica’, Kingston is not only the capital of the island but also its arts and culture hub. Over the years, Kingston has witnessed various disasters such as earthquakes and fires, but each time it has risen from the ashes, stronger and glorious than ever. Kingston is yesterday and today – a fascinating blend of the new and the old. The main attractions in the city are located on Hope Road and so you can see, among others, Bob Marley’s museum and Hope Botanical Gardens and Zoo. You’ll also find a number of duty-free shops where you can find great bargains in jewellery, watches, perfumes and other luxury items.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is the cruise capital of Jamaica. It is also home to the island’s most enduring attraction, Dunn’s River Falls. Aside from splashing in the cool waters and even climbing up the falls, you can explore the nearby beach and the rainforest trails. For shopping, you can go to Island Village in the Turtle Beach complex, where you’ll find lots of items related to Bob Marley and his music.

Montego Bay

Referred to as MoBay by the locals, Montego Bay is the second largest city on the island and is an interesting mix of natural attractions and some of the best championship courses in the Caribbean. You can also find the most lively nightlife in Hip Strip on Gloucester Avenue with its restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.

Where to stay

You have the option to stay in hotels, all-inclusive resorts and private Jamaica villas and cottages. However, compare the rates and facilities on offer and you will find the rentals to be more economical and offering more facilities than the other two options. Also these rentals offer you more privacy and space and so these rentals are in a way your home away from home.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping in Jamaica

The breathtakingly beautiful island of Jamaica is as much a shopping destination as it is a beach destination. The wide array of duty-free shops sprinkled all over the island enables you to find great bargains for the best brands in jewellery, perfumes, watches etc. The local crafts are as beautiful, vibrant and colourful. If you are staying in Jamaica accommodation rentals, you can talk to the staff and they will be able to guide you on where to shop, what to buy and where to get the best deals.

The main tourist towns of Ocho Rios, Kingston and Montego Bay promise an exciting shopping experience. If you are visiting these places, here are some shopping areas you can check out.

Ocho Rios: Go to the Island Village at Turtle beach Complex, especially if you are interested in reggae and island music culture. More than 30 shops here offer a variety of Bob Marley souvenir items, reggae culture inspired clothing, books, posters, and, of course and music.

Montego Bay: Visit the Harbour Street to shop for products such as hand-made jewellery of beads and semi-precious stones, textile products including are richly coloured cottons and sturdy natural fibres. Also try out Hip Strip on Gloucester Avenue. From malls, duty-free shops, boutiques to clubs and eateries, you’ll find it all.

Kingston: The capital of Jamaica is also the culture and art capital of the island. You can visit Frame Center Gallery and the Mutual Life Gallery that stock some of the island’s best artists.

The island’s rum, spices and the famed Blue Mountain coffee make for great souvenirs. If you are staying in Silver Sands villas, you can buy the coffee at the Villa Mart at rates that are considerably less than what you would have to pay at duty-free shops in the airports.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What to expect from your trip to Jamaica

Jamaica, with its sun, sand and sea, is perfect for a tropical escape. But beyond the beaches there is a dramatic landscape waiting to be explored. Stroll through the island and you’ll find that here the traditional peacefully co-exists with the new. Here traditional huts share space with modern Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments. The plantation houses and great estate houses reflect colonial glory while beautiful holiday homes dotting the Caribbean flaunt the island’s reputation as one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

If this is your first trip to the island, here are some facts that can help you plan your trip.


There are six distinct tourist areas in Jamaica each with its own unique flavour. Ocho Rios is home to the climbable Dunn’s River Falls while Negril boasts world famous beaches and spectacular sunsets. Port Antonio is home to the misty Blue Mountains while Kingston is the cultural and music hub. Montego Bay or MoBay as it is affectionately called by the locals is home to some world class golf courses. The South Coast is perfect for those who want to be away from the crowds and go off the beaten path.


Climb up the Blue Mountains peak or explore the underwater world and do everything else in between—that is Jamaica for you. Go hiking, biking, horseback riding or if you wish take ATV and jeep safaris to explore the countryside and rainforest trails. If you are looking for something less adventurous, check out the museums, plantation houses, estate houses, parks, botanical gardens and reserves. Go kayaking, diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, or deep sea fishing. Most of the island’s rivers are navigable and so you can go bamboo rafting or white water rafting.


Where you stay can make all the difference to your trip. If you are travelling with family or friends, you might like to consider Jamaica accommodation rentals as alternatives to a hotel or an all-inclusive resort. These rentals combine the best of what a hotel and home has to offer and provide you all the privacy and space you could require to relax, rejuvenate, connect with your loved ones and also explore the island at your leisure and pace.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun things to do in Jamaica

If you are in Jamaica, there is more that you can do than just lounging away at a beach, enjoying the waters while sipping your favourite drink. While on beaches, there are plenty of Jamaica accommodation rentals that you can consider staying in that have their own stretch of private beach. Once you are ready to get away from the comforts of your rentals, here are some activities you can consider.

Land activities

You can begin with the beaches. Some of the best beaches are to be found in Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. The beaches here are teeming with both people and activities and you’ll see tourists sharing space with vendors selling knick-knacks, chefs preparing and selling jerked meat and hair braiders.

You can also go hiking, biking and horseback riding to explore the invigorating beauty of the island. The other option is to take ATV tours. You can spend the day on a jeep safari or zipping through a jungle canopy. Besides, you can climb Dunn’s River Falls. However, if you are looking for something less adventurous, you can explore plantation houses, parks, museums, reserves and botanical gardens.

Water activities

Jamaica is a haven for water activities. There are plenty of sites for diving and snorkelling. You can also go kayaking, deep sea fishing, sailing and jet skiing. Some of the best dive sites are to be found in Negril, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Spanish Anchor, Widowmaker's Cave and Montego Bay.


Staying in Jamaica accommodation rentals has its advantages with one being that you can prepare your own meals in the kitchen or have the cook pamper you with the choicest of local dishes. This helps you save money by eating in. However, should you wish to eat out, you can ask the staff of the villas who would be able to advise on restaurants and roadside eateries where you can sample authentic Jamaican food or international cuisines should you so prefer.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Information for wedding in Jamaica

If you are planning to get married in Jamaica, you couldn’t have chosen a better destination. Whether you wish to be married at the waterfront, on a deserted beach, on a catamaran or a sailing boat or the backdrops of waterfalls and mountains, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on whether you want an intimate ceremony for two or an extravaganza involving your family and friends, you can choose Jamaica accommodation rentals suited to your group size and budget.

Professional wedding planners can take care of all the arrangements; however here are some points that you should know if you wish to be married on the island.

You can get married within 24 hours of your arrival on the island provided you have applied for a marriage license in advance. The cost of the license is approximately US $65 to 70.

There are a number of non-denominational marriage officers who will perform weddings at their offices or homes, or at places chosen by you. The fee for their services usually ranges from US $100 to several hundred dollars depending on services rendered and travel time to and from the destination. These officers will also provide you witnesses required for the ceremony.

Professional wedding planners can take of all the arrangements from license to tax to clergyman as also music, caterers, decorations etc. You’ll also need to present some documents such as:

• Proof of citizenship: For this, you would need to provide your birth certificate with your father’s name.
• If you are under 18, written consent from parents.
• Original certificate of divorce or annulment, if applicable.
• Certificate of death for widow or widower, if applicable.

For more information you can contact the Jamaican embassy in your respective country for rules and regulations.


The island offers a range of options including hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and Jamaica accommodation rentals comprising villas and cottages ideal for all group sizes and budgets.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding in Jamaica

Jamaica is the ultimate destination for weddings. The mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and sunsets provide the ideal setting for exchanging your marriage vows. Whether you are interested in an intimate ceremony or a large-scale extravaganza, you’ll find Jamaica accommodation rentals to suit your needs.

You can opt for a seaside wedding ceremony at the water’s edge. Rentals such as Silver Sands villas have their own private beach where you can exchange your vows. You can also take a sailboat and go out into the waters at Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay. Besides, you can choose from a wide range of villas and cottages where your guests can celebrate long after the ceremony is over.

Jamaica has some great beaches and so you can consider a ceremony on a deserted beach or even on the pristine seven miles beach in Negril ceremony on a deserted beach. Negril, with its seven miles of pristine white beach which has been continuously voted as one of the best in the world.

Besides you can hire catamarans which can accommodate 25 to 100 people and a band and have enough space to dine as well. Or why not plan a wedding against the backdrop of the majestic Blue Mountains or near waterfalls? What ever your idea of a dream wedding, you can turn it into a reality in the breathtakingly beautiful locales of Jamaica.

You can hire the services of professional wedding planners who’ll take care of all the arrangement right from obtaining the license and arranging for a clergyman to decorations, caterers, band and everything else that you might need. Also you and your guests can stay in private Jamaica villas and cottages because apart from better services, they would be more affordable than hotels and all-inclusive resorts.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jamaica travel: Kingston

Kingston is not only the capital of Jamaica but also the largest cosmopolitan center in the whole of the Caribbean islands. The city is the arts and cultural hub of the island and promises many exciting sightseeing opportunities for the visitors. Also, if shopping is on the agenda, you couldn’t find a better place to find what you want for Kingston boasts numerous duty-free shops where you can buy everything from jewellery to paintings to souvenirs.

If you want to enjoy the best of services and hospitality, you can consider staying in Jamaica villas and cottages that cater to all group sizes and budgets. These private rentals score over hotels and all-inclusive resorts in that they are professionally managed, provide great services and offer more space and privacy than the other two options and that too at rates that are very affordable.

If you are in Kingston, you can start your sightseeing tour from Hope Road. Given the number of attractions found here, you could well name it Attractions Road. The main attraction here is the Marley Museum, a tribute to the king of reggae. You can browse through memorabilia, photos, and clippings that bring him to life.

Then there is the Devon House, a 19th century landmark commissioned by Jamaica’s first millionaire George Stiebel. You’ll find here many Caribbean antiques, including rich mahogany pieces. The courtyard has craft shops, restaurants, an internet cafĂ© and bakery. For the nature enthusiasts, the Hope botanical gardens and zoo is the ultimate destination where you’ll find the West Indies’ largest collection of plants and flowering trees. You can spend some time in the beautiful gardens.

The golf enthusiasts too won’t be disappointed for Kingston has two 18-hole golf courses, Constant Spring Golf Club and the Caymanas Golf Club, six miles west of Kingston.

Also as a closing note it is also worth a mention that if you are travelling with kids, you would do well to stay in family-friendly rentals such as Silver Sands villas that offer childcare facilities and also have a separate play area for kids. This will help you plan a flexible trip wherein you can participate in activities meant for adults safe in the knowledge that the children are secure, happy and occupied.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Outdoor activities in Jamaica

If you are planning a visit to Jamaica and are planning to indulge in great outdoor activities, you will be spoilt for choice. From beaches to rainforests, from mountains to forest reserves, from the sparkling waters of the Caribbean to navigable rivers that meander their ways through scenic routes, Jamaica has it all.

It is important to point out that where you stay can make all the difference to your trip. While the island boasts plenty of hotels and all-inclusive resorts, you could do well by staying in Jamaica accommodation rentals comprising private villas, cottages and apartments perfect for all group sizes and budgets.

Once you are settled in your own Jamaica villas, cottages or apartments, you can consider the following outdoor activities.

Blue Mountain Tours (Ocho Rios): Enjoy a downhill ride on a bike through the Blue Mountains. Visit coffee plantations, enjoy a brunch and take a refreshing dip in a waterfall.

Boston Beach (East of Port Antonio): This is the best place on the island to enjoy jerk pork. The beach is lined with vendors smoking jerk-seasoned food the old-fashioned way and selling it at outside stalls.

Columbus Park (Discovery Bay): This is Jamaica’s only open-air museum with a crafts park. It was recently acquired by Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef. You can see historic artefacts such as railroad paraphernalia, farming equipment and water wheels.

Cockpit country (South of Falmouth): This tour takes you to the area where Maroons (runaway slaves) hid, fought defeated and gained independence from the British. Adventures include birding, caving, underground rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, hiking trails, exotic plants, birds and reptiles.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jamaica villas guide: Negril

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, you can include Negril in your itinerary. This beautiful resort town is known as the ‘Capital of the Casual’ and promises a laid-back ambiance that is perfect to relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful tropical surroundings.

Also, if you are travelling with your family or in a large group, you can consider staying in Jamaica accommodation rentals as alternatives to a hotel stay, because they provide a more personalized experience and enable you to savour its flavours away from the crowds.

You can go parasailing or take a glass-bottomed boat to explore the underwater gems. Spend a fun-filled day in Kool Runnings Water Park where you can enjoy slides and splash in pools. The themed park also has on its grounds restaurants and entertainment.

Besides, you can go bareback riding into the Caribbean Sea or into the mountains at Rhodes Hall Plantation. Climb an old light house for a bird’s eye view. The main attraction of Negril is however the Seven Miles Beach, consistently voted as amongst the best in the world. The beach has a laid-back atmosphere and carefree ambiance more than any other in Jamaica or, perhaps, in the Caribbean.

Negril is also famous for its sunsets but there in nothing better than watching the last visages of the sun fading into the distant horizon from the privacy of your own private Jamaica villas and cottages sipping your favourite drink.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Ocho Rios is considered to be the centrepiece of Jamaica and attracts more visitors than any other part of the island. The beautiful resort town boasts waterfalls, rainforests, beaches, parks and reserves, and navigable rivers. To cater to the needs of the tourist, the north coast of the island offers a wide range of Jamaica accommodation rentals ideal for all budgets and group sizes.

Here are some of the activities you can consider in Ocho Rios.

Dunn’s River Falls: The 600 feet Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s most well-known attractions and not just because of the water cascading down on its way to the Caribbean Sea. The water falls on a series of protruding rocks that form a natural stair case so you can actually climb up the waterfall and enjoy the views from the top.

Dolphin Cove: Swim with a family of bottleneck dolphins and if you are adventurous enough with trained nurse sharks. Besides, you can explore rainforest trails, enjoy a picnic on the beach or spend time on a pirate’s village complete with boardwalk, cafes, shops and continuous entertainment.

Shaw Park Gardens: The park is a must visit for those interested in birds and flowers. You can also check out Cayoba River Garden and Cranbrook Flower Forest.

Prospect Plantation: This is the oldest working plantation on the island though the produce is not meant for commercial purposes. You can ride an open-air jitney carriage and see how sugarcane, pineapple, coffee and sweet cassava are grown here.

Chukka Adventure tours: Enjoy exciting horseback tours through hills and the Caribbean Sea.

White water rafting: You can enjoy white water rafting on the White River. Some of the rafting trips are strictly meant for those 12 years and above so if you are travelling with children less than this age, and wish to go rafting as also other activities meant for adults, you can consider staying in family friendly rentals such as Silver Sands villas, which apart from other facilities provides childcare facilities and has a separate play area for kids.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jamaica adventures

Jamaica boasts a varied terrain with mountain peaks soaring the sky and the deep waters of the sea housing a world of its own. And then there are world-class golf courses and more. So what does Jamaica has to offer? The simplest answer to this is ‘once you go, you know.’ However, to help you plan your trip, here are some activities you can consider. Also while on the subject on planning, if you would like your own private space and the freedom to explore the island at your own leisure and pace, you could also consider staying in Jamaica accommodation rentals providing all that and more to make your trip really special.

Blue Mountains bicycle tour: You can take a guided tour of the Blue Mountains that will take you through the beautiful rural countryside and also to some of the island’s famous sites such as James Bond Beach, Rio Nuevo Battle Site, Golden Eye, Noel Coward’s Firefly and Blue Harbour. From the Hollywell National Park, you’ll be able to take in the beautiful views of Kingston.

Kool Runnings Water Park: The Kool Runnings Water Park is a great destination for the entire family. The slides here range from the staid to the adventurous. For the kids under 48 inches there is the Coconut island with shallow slides and pools where they can enjoy under the supervision of lifeguards. For the adults there is the 40 feet high and 385 meters long Green Grotto slide equipped with the latest in 3-D visual reality imaging and audio technology so you can create your own slide.. The park’s dry area, ‘The Anancy Village’ also offers a wide range of escapades.

White water rafting: You can also enjoy a white water rafting trip at the Caliche Rainforest Park with more than 100 swift to mellow rivers. Some trips are perfect for the entire family while there is age restriction for kids on some. If you want to try out the adventurous ones but are travelling with kids under 12 years of age, you can consider staying in family friendly rentals such as Silver Sands villas that offer child care facilities and have a separate play area for kids.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jamaica travel: Port Antonio

If you are visiting Jamaica and not sure of the places to visit, you can safely consider Port Antonio, undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the island. Nestled on the foothills of the Blue Mountains and encompassed by the Caribbean Sea, promising plenty of opportunities for things to see and do.

Things to see and do in Port Antonio

Port Antonio is a land of wood and water opening up vistas for a wide array of opportunities from hiking the Blue Mountains to rafting on the Rio Grande and exploring wildlife, caves and grottos in between.

You can take a cycling tour up the Blue Mountains. There are many agencies offering cycling tours such as the Blue Mountains Cycling Tours Ltd which offers a two hour, 12 mile downhill tour. Along the route, you will be able to see remote waterfalls, how coffee is roasted at coffee plantations, as also historic and educational sites.

The forests on the Blue Mountains are home to more than 100 butterfly species including the Giant Swallowtail, the largest in the northern hemisphere with a six inch wingspan.

You can also avail organized hiking trips with varying difficulty levels and pass by soothing bubbling steams, rich bamboo forests and valleys of ferns and enjoy the panoramic views of the Rio Grande valley, John Crow Mountains and the Moore Town.

You can also explore Nonsuch Caves full of stalagmites, stalactites and fossilized sponges and go on a river rafting trip on the Rio Grande. Just settle comfortably into the seat as the raftsman navigates with a bamboo pole along the clear river.

Port Antonio is also well known for its beaches, notably the Frenchman’s Cove and Boston Beach, where Jamaica’s culinary delight, Jerk pork first gained its well-deserved fame.


You can make your visiting on the island all the more memorable by staying in private Jamaica villas and cottages for apart from providing all the comforts and services you could ever ask for, these rentals give you a unique personalized experience and the ability to soak up the flavours of the island at your leisure and pace. To make your decision easier, you can consider staying in Silver Sands villas, a secure community of villas and cottages located on the north coast of the island facing the Caribbean Sea and encompassing a pristine white sandy beach.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Activities in Jamaica

Jamaica with its stunning shoreline, lofty mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, navigable rivers, grottoes and caves leading right into the heart of the mountains, is considered to be the playground of the Caribbean, offering abundant opportunities for activities from the staid and relaxing to the ones that would give you an adrenalin rush. Also, you can really complete the experience by staying in private Jamaica villas and cottages that are professionally managed and allow you to soak up the culture of the island and explore it at your own time and space.


Jamaica’s varied terrain is best explored on bike. There are many biking tour agencies offering tours, one being the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours Ltd that offers all inclusive biking tour in Jamaica's Blue Mountains, the Caribbean's highest mountain range with peaks soaring to 7,402 feet. You can try out the Downhill Bicycle Tour that takes you through breathtakingly beautiful trails with exotic flora and fauna. You can also go out solo but remember to take along a bike repair kit for repair shops are hard to come across.


Jamaica is a golfer’s paradise offering many challenging golf courses than any other island on the Caribbean. Set against the backdrop of mountains and the sea, they not only provide a true test of the game but are also very picturesque. Some of the best are to be found in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay, all at a convenient distance from Silver Sands villas, a secure community of villas and cottages facing the sea and encompassing a private white sandy beach perfect for snorkelling and swimming.


Aside from hiking the Blue Mountains, there are many scenic trails that you can check out including those through the Rio Grande. One especially scenic walk is the 7-hour White River Falls walk along the banks of the White River. An easier walk is the Scatter Waterfalls, where you can float on a bamboo raft across the Rio Grande. The 11km (7-mile) Guava River Trail takes you along the Guava River right into the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Scuba diving

Jamaica’s underwater world is a maze of fish, coral reefs, etched with canyons and grottos and wrecks. The walls at some places start as shallow as 25 feet. The temperature averages 78 to 85 degrees with visibility up to 100 feet. Some of the best dive sites are to be found in Falmouth, and the marine parks in Montego Bay, Port Antonio and Negril.