Monday, October 25, 2010

Traveling in Jamaica

Traveling within Jamaica can be an adventure in itself. However if you are traveling with kids, you can consider setting base in family-friendly Jamaica rentals that arrange for safe and secure transport for its guests and also provide free child seats in case you are traveling with small kids.

Most visitors prefer to take tourist buses to go around. Otherwise you can rent cars, bikes and mopeds. With that said, remember driving in Jamaica is not like driving in the first world and you can find the roads to be treacherous and narrow with stray animals and donkey-carts adding to the chaos. All this definitely adds color and uniqueness to the experience.

You can also hire private cabs that serve you and your family exclusively. Needless to say this will be an expensive option. You can also take ‘route taxis’ which are the main
means of transportation and they operate on designated routes. But if you are looking for comfort then avoid this option for the drivers usually exceed the number of passengers allowed by law.

Depending on the mode of transportation and the length of the journey, rates can vary from a few US dollars to over a $100. It goes without saying that route taxis and buses are much cheaper than chartered taxis and rentals.

The conditions of the roads are improving and you will find modernized highways on the north coast of the island. In fact most attractions are concentrated here and so setting base in Jamaica accommodations in this part of the island can prove to be a good option.

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