Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter celebrations in Jamaica villas

Jamaica is a year round destination but there is no time like the Easter holiday to enjoy its warm and unspoiled beauty, savour some of its best food preparations and experience its rich customs and traditions. And there is nothing like a stay in Jamaica villas to be part of the action and experience first hand the way Easter is celebrated on this beautiful Caribbean island.

As a custom, Jamaicans refrain from cooking on Good Friday and so they prepare fish, a staple during the festivities on Holy Thursday. They also put egg white in water at night; the belief is that it would foretell what the future has in store for them. For example, if the egg white forms the shape of a ship or airplane, it would mean that there is travel in store for the person.

Good Friday witnesses the convergence of people to the churches to pray and reflect on Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. The festival is also marked by the bleeding physic nut tree, which, when cut, oozes a red substance representing the blood of Christ. The general belief is that the crucifixion was carried out on a similar type of tree.

Come Easter Sunday and people once again go to the church. Both homes and churches are beautifully decorated with flowers, especially Easter lilies, the flowers that embody the purity and innocence of Christ and His resurrection. The communal festivities are then followed by a home-cooked family dinner of rice and peas, and fish.

Easter Monday is the most fun-filled day of the festival celebrations. Friends and families gather together on the beaches to relax and spend time together. For the lovers of soca and calypso music, the festivities couldn’t get any better. There is music in the air, and people decorated in brightly-coloured, jewelled costumes throng the streets as part of a weeklong Carnival.

Through out the festivities you can enjoy the sweet Easter buns. If you are staying in Silver Sands villas, you can relish some of the best home cooked buns in Jamaica.

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