Friday, March 26, 2010

A trip to Jamaica

A trip to Jamaica

Just returned from a family trip to Jamaica and had a great time discovering the attractions and connecting with the family. A friend had recommended Silver Sands villas and we duly checked out the accommodations. The rates were affordable and the villas looked superb. We chose Seagull Cottage, a beautiful and comfortable 3 bedroom villa overlooking the scenic Silver Sands beach. We couldn’t have asked for a better accommodation option for our trip; the views of the Caribbean from the verandah were stunning. The place was tranquil, the surroundings blissful. The beach was just a few minutes walk away and we had a great time picnicking, relaxing and swimming. Back to the villa, we were treated to the choicest of local dishes by the cook. All our meals, morning, afternoon and evening were served on time. The staff of the villas was really efficient and accommodating and all our wishes were met with and all our queries were answered. Indeed all the staff was local and they not just loved their jobs but also their country and provided us invaluable inside tips and information from what to see, transport, safety precautions etc.

We had a great time at the beach but then wanted to explore the other attractions. The staff suggested Luminous Lagoon and we decided to check it out. We were intrigued by the name and assumed the waters shone under the moonlight and so the name. But we were informed otherwise.

We took a boat ride and discovered why the lagoon had been named so. The lagoon is home to a rare phosphorescent microbe known as dinoflagellate. The movement of the water causes the microbes to move and glow with an ethereal neon-green color, making the lagoon luminous. We were told that this phenomenon could be witnessed only in four places in the world and Jamaica was considered to be the best amongst them. During the cruise, we also stopped to swim in the shallow waters under the moonlit sky.

We also visited one of Jamaica’s most beautiful attractions, the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios. We climbed up the stone stairs and from the top took in the panoramic views of the surroundings and of the water gushing down over the rock terraces. The falls provided us with immense photo opportunities and we clicked away till to capture the memories till our next visit to Jamaica.

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