Monday, April 11, 2011

Cruise destinations in Jamaica: Ocho Rios and Falmouth

Jamaica welcomes more than one million visitors to the island most of who arrive by cruise ships. Ocho Rios, Jamaica’s premier tourist town, is also the cruise-capital of the island. The town has much to offer to the visitors and for their convenience there are a number of vacation rentals comprising private Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments within the immediate vicinity.

The Dunns River Falls are the signature attractions of Ocho Rios. It is not just the spectacular sight of the water cascading from a height of more than 600 feet over a series of limestone rocks that captivates the visitors. More exciting is the fact that you can climb up the steps to reach the top. Go to the falls and you will see people joining hands and forming a human chain to balance their way to the top. The climb is safe and fun and if you wish you can take a guide along. If you wish, you can also opt out in the middle of the climb because these steps also lead to dry land. And don’t forget to take your waterproof camera along.

Near the falls is the Dolphins Cove, a marine park which is perfect for a full day of family fun. One unique activity on offer is the swim with the dolphins. After a brief orientation from the instructors, you can go into the water and swim, play and cuddle the dolphins. There is also a jungle trail in the rainforest which you can explore and also see the rare flora and fauna. Also on offer is a hilarious shark show. However, if you are adventurous enough you can also try feeding and swimming with the trained nurse shark accompanied by an instructor. And if all this leaves you tired, you can enjoy a picnic on Treasure Reef.

Falmouth, the emerging cruise destination in Jamaica, is less well-known than Ocho Rios but is fast taking its rightful place in the tourist map of the island. This beautiful town of the Georgian era traces its history to the 1700s when it was the leading port in the Caribbean. The 1800s saw Falmouth emerge as the wealthiest town in Jamaica because of the sugar plantation. The town preserves much of its interesting history. The development of the new pier which will become functional in January 2011 is expected to give the much needed impetus to the tourism in and around this town.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures, the award-winning tour operator company that was once again honored during the recently concluded World Travel Market held in London between 7 to 10 November, has invested heavily in the town to woo tourists with unique tour experiences. The government too has done its bit to spruce up the historic buildings and refurbish the roads and highways leading to the town. People and more especially Jamaica rentals such as Silver Sands Jamaica are upbeat about the business opportunity this opens for them.

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