Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gardens in Jamaica

Jamaica is an exotically beautiful country known for some great outdoor attractions. If you are planning a honeymoon or wedding in Jamaica, you couldn’t ask for a more romantic destination. This is not to say that it has nothing to offer for the family. As a holiday destination, Jamaica has it all from beaches and sand to mountains and rainforests and from reserves and parks to exotic gardens offering dream wedding locations and picnic spots for the families.

One of the most sought out destinations in Jamaica is Ocho Rios in St Ann parish. In fact, St Ann is also referred to as a garden parish given the fact that it boasts plenty of lush greenery overflowing with flowers, vines and trees. And in case you wish to stay near Ocho Rios, you can check out the Silver Sands villas, a secure community of villas and cottages that is perfect for all group sizes, couples and families here for a family getaway or a wedding or honeymoon. Silver Sands villas has its own stretch of private beach and offers plenty of activities to keep you busy. It is also within convenient distance from some of the most beautiful gardens in Ocho Rios some of which are listed below.

Coyaba River Garden: The garden which means paradise or heaven in Arawak is nestled in the hills and provides brilliant views of the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. Stroll through the garden and you will realize that its name is fully justified. The manicured garden has on display a colourful riot of flowers made all the more vibrant with the constantly fluttering butterflies. Then there are the ferns, vines and trees that add their bit to the scenic surroundings as also the crystal clear streams gurgling through the grounds. The garden also has a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and enjoy a cup of Blue Mountains coffee. Besides, there is also a museum where you can browse through artefacts dating back to the Arawak times.

Cranbrook Flower Forest: Spread across 130-acres this garden is another jewel in the crown of Ocho Rios. The ground boasts four lawns with barbeque areas and swings perfect for wedding, parties and family picnics. There are also fishing ponds stocked with tilapia and a river winding its way through the property. The main attraction here is the riverhead where the water gushes out from an underground source into a natural swimming pool.

Shaw Park Gardens: Located on the hills overlooking Ocho Rios the Shaw Parks Gardens form a perfect setting for a dream wedding. The gardens were part of the Shaw Park Estate owned by a Jamaican family till the 20th century when it became the site for one of the Jamaica’s earliest hotels in the north coast.

Aside from the gardens Ocho Rios also boasts one of Jamaica’s most sought out attraction and that is the Dunn’s River Falls, a scintillating waterfall with a natural staircase leading right to the top of the falls from where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the scenic surroundings. And to make your stay all the memorable, you can also choose to stay in Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments that give you all the privacy, space and comforts you need for your stay as also the opportunity to explore the island at your own leisure and pace.

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