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Cultural and religious festivals in Jamaica

Jamaica is synonymous with its beaches, reggae and rum – a heady combination for a relaxing holiday where you can let your hair down and forget all the cares of the world. The high season on the island is from mid-December to mid-April and the demand for Jamaica rentals is at the peak so if you are planning your visit during this period, it would be wise to book your accommodation well in time. Jamaica enjoys warm, tropical climate through out the year and you can avail of attractive discounts on properties, shops and restaurants during the rest of the year.

Most festivals are marked by big parades, costumed merrymakers, grand parties and sumptuous feasts. A case point is the Christmas holiday, the Junkanoo festival.

New Year Celebrations: Jamaica ushers in the New Year with much pomp and splendour. The festivities include fireworks, parties and shows held in all parts of the island. Since this is during the high season, the festivities see the participation of both the visitors and locals.

Accompong Maroon Festival: Maroons have played an important role in the history of Jamaica. They are in fact, the descendents of the escaped slaves of Jamaica who fought against the colonial rule on the island. Every January 6th, the Accompong Maroon Festival is held to honour their leader Cudjoe who led them to triumph over the British during the 1700s. The celebrations include beatings of drums and blowing of Abeng, singing, dancing, ceremonies and feasts.

Carnival Months

February is the carnival month in the Caribbean and there are festivities and parade in Jamaica also. However, the main celebrations are held during the month of April, starting from Easters Day. The streets in major resort towns come alive with parades, costumed merrymakers, parties and feasts. Various events such as calypso competitions, all-night dancing and numerous fashion shows are held.

Emancipation Day and Independence Day: The island celebrates Emancipation Day every first day of August and Independence Day is observed during the 6th day of August. The celebrations which continue through out the week include competitions in the culinary arts, cultural displays and beach parties with calypso, reggae and soca music.

Christmas Day

Christmas is the most anticipated holiday on the island. Shops, restaurants and even public places are bright with Christmas decorations. The atmosphere is soaked in the spirit of Christmas and there are extensive parties, reunions, parades, cultural shows, Junkanoo and street dancing and other merrymaking activities.

The festivals in Jamaica are an attraction in their own right and some like the Jazz and Blue festival held in the month of February see international performers also. Visitors can enjoy the festivities in all major resort towns such as Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. Since accommodation in these places can get a bit expensive, people generally prefer to book Jamaica villas and cottages on the north coast of the island. These rental properties are away from the crowds and within easy driving distance of the resort towns.

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