Monday, May 30, 2011

Jamaica villas guide to Runaway Bay

Runaway is a small, peaceful town located in the north coast of the island in the scenic St Ann parish. It is perfect for those who want their own quiet corner and yet be within distance of the attractions on the island. You can set base in Silver Sands Jamaica on the north coast from where you can enjoy day trips to Runaway Bay as also other tourist hotspots.

Despite its small size, Runaway Bay offers its visitors a host of activities from swimming and enjoying the sun to exploring rainforests and caves.

You can start by exploring the Green Grotto Caves, which are deeply woven into the nation’s history. They first served as home to the Ararak Indians, the original inhabitants of the island and later to the Spaniards when it became a British colony and finally to the runaway slaves from the plantations. Today they are home to a number of bats. You can explore the maze of tunnels and go for a boat ride in the lake.

Nearby are the Dunn’s River Falls, in Ocho Rios, undoubtedly the most popular resort town in Jamaica. The water here cascades from a height of 600 feet over a series of limestone rocks that form a natural staircase to the top. So the actual fun is climbing up to the top. Go to the falls and you will find people joining hands to form a chain leading to the top.

Near to the Dunn’s River Falls is the Dolphins Cove that promises much fun and activities for the entire family. You can enjoy a picnic on the beach, go river rafting, explore rainforest trails and swim with a pair of lovable dolphins. Also, if you feel adventurous enough, swim with trained nurse sharks.

There is much more that you can do in Runaway Bay and surrounds. To explore the area, you can set base in Jamaica villas located on the north coast of the island. The staff would be able to guide you on the popular tourist attractions and where to go off the beaten path.

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