Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Safety tips for your Jamaican trip

Jamaica is a traveler’s delight. Offering lots of sun, sand and sea, this land of reggae and jazz promises everything that you would want for a dream Caribbean vacation. There are plenty of sightseeing opportunities as also things to do both in water and land. However, to ensure that your trip is a smooth one, you must keep certain safety measures in mind.

Travel in groups

Jamaica is famous for its all-inclusive resorts where you can rent your own private Jamaican villa, condo, studio and apartment. Some of these resorts such as the Silver Sands resort encompasses a private beach and also provides facilities, services and plenty of activities to do within its protected environs. However, should you wish to venture out, you should travel in groups instead of venturing out alone to ward off unwanted interest.

Avoid venturing out after dark

After dark, it is advisable to remain in crowded tourist areas and at all costs you should avoid the inner cities. Also avoid some problem areas such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Spanish Town.

Maintain a low profile

For your own safety, don’t flaunt valuables such as expensive watches and jewelry. Keep important documents under lock and key in your own private apartment. When traveling out, just keep the amount of money you would require rather than carrying all of it.

Carry mosquito repellants and bug sprays

Use mosquito repellants and bug sprays to protect yourself against tropical diseases and also to ward off ants from your luggage.

Precautionary measures on the beaches
It is advisable to watch your steps while walking along the beaches and especially in the waters to avoid being stung by the sea urchins. Similarly, when going scuba diving and snorkeling, avoid disturbing the marine life for your own and its safety.

Drink bottled water

Even though tap water is claimed to be safe for drinking, you should opt for bottled drinking water. Bottles are recycled in Jamaica, however, the part under the cap remain untouched so do remember to wipe the mouth before drinking. Otherwise you can carry water taken from your own Jamaica villa.

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