Wednesday, June 15, 2011

River kayak safari in Jamaica

If you are visiting Jamaica for the first time, you may welcome some information about what to do on the island. The island is well-known its beaches but there is much more on offer than simply the beautiful stretches of sand meeting the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea. While on the island, you can consider taking a river kayak safari offered by Chukka Caribbean Adventures. Also, if you are planning a family trip, you can consider staying in private rentals comprising private Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments that cater to all group sizes and budgets. These rentals are professionally managed, offer more space and amenities than hotels, and give you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace.

Coming back to the kayak river safari, the tour takes you along the White River starting at the Old Spanish Bridge built in the seventeenth century by the first European settlers. You can also paddle your way through the rapids and crystal clear pools under a canopy of lush green vegetation and huge bamboo groves.

Enjoy the views of the dramatic landscape including quaint thatched huts nestled in trees on the bank of the river as you go kayaking by. The tour then takes you through striking rapids and stunning lagoons. The adventure finally ends near the tranquil Bamboo Cathedral where giant bamboo arch over the water.

On disembarking the river, you will enter the beautiful gardens of the White River Valley where you can browse through a gift shop by the name of Valley Trader and shop for souvenirs, t-shirts and other keepsakes from the trip. And if all this has left you hungry, try out the sumptuous Jamaican cuisine at the eatery, River Valley Grill and be refreshed by cold beers and sodas at the Parrot Bar.

The minimum age for the tour is 12 years and so if you are travelling with small kids, you can consider staying in an accommodation providing child care facilities. This will be especially convenient if you want to indulge in some other activities also that are strictly meant for adults. Take the case of Silver Sands villas, located on the north coast of the island. The villas cater specially to families and offer among other services, childcare facilities as also children play area to keep them happy and occupied.

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Jamaica is blessed with warm tropical climate, stunning beaches along the spectacular coastline of the Caribbean Sea, and navigable rivers offering plenty of opportunities for water activities. Thanks a lot.