Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jamaica for the fun of it

Jamaica is known for its sun, sand, reggae and rum. Add to that beautiful rainforests, majestic mountains, stunning waterfalls and dramatic landscapes and you will understand why it is so popular as a holiday destination. Here is some information that can help you plan your trip to the island.

Accommodation: The island boasts a wide range of Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments to suit all group sizes and budgets. Ranging from the ultra luxurious to the comfortable and everything in between, these rentals are professionally managed, provide all the facilities of a hotel and are your home away from home on the island.

Currency/bank: The island’s currency is the Jamaican dollar. The US dollar is also widely accepted. You’ll come across many licensed cambios and bureaux de change so you can get the money converted here on the island. In a rare case if you don’t come across any money exchange, you can visit the bank and get the money exchanged there. The ATMs in the country also accept international bankcards with Visa, Mastercard, Cirus, and Plus logos. You can also avail of credit card advances, cash traveler’s checks, and other financial service. The exchange rate varies from day to day and so you can shop around for the best deal.

Climate: Jamaica enjoys year round tropical climate with average temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degree F, though slightly lower at the mountains. Carry along light cotton clothes, swimwear as also a light sweater if you plan to go hiking.

Communications: In Jamaica, you can avail direct international telephone service 24 hours a day. The telephone operators will readily help you with third party transfers and credit card calls also. Jamaica accommodation rentals provide internet access as also phone, fax and cable services as part of the package.

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