Friday, June 18, 2010

Why holiday in Jamaica?

If you are considering holidaying in the Caribbean, you can consider a trip to Jamaica. This beautiful Caribbean island has a well-established reputation as a world-class idyllic destination for those looking for a tropical escape. There are many factors that go in favour of the island, some of which are:

Activities: From simply spending lazy hours languishing in the sun to indulging in activities, both on land and sea, that range from the simple to the adventurous, there is much you can do on this island. Visit Negril, known for its beaches and spectacular sunsets, explore Montego Bay on a city tour that takes you to the historic centre and the shopping centre boasting innumerable duty-free shopping and on to Richmond Hill from where you can enjoy bird’s eye view of the city. Travel to Ocho Rios and have fun climbing the spectacular Dunn’s River Falls and then proceed to the Dolphins Cove on Treasure Beach where apart from swimming with the dolphins, you can also swim and feed sharks as also explore rainforest trails. For some moments of tranquillity, lounge on the porch in your Jamaica villas enjoying the views of the refreshing Caribbean Sea or proceed to Port Antonio, which is home to the towering Blue Mountains. Hike to the peak to enjoy the surrounding views and on the way, sample the world-famous Blue Mountains Coffee. For the golf enthusiasts, Jamaica is a destination waiting to be discovered. The island has more golf courses, some world-class championship courses, than any other island on the Caribbean. Also, no trip can be complete without visiting Kingston, the historic and cultural centre of the island.

Weather: Jamaica’s year-round warm weather is perfect for a tropical escape. The temperature ranges between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and is slightly lower at the mountains. The coldest month is February, but it is nothing like the cold you would experience back home, say in the United States. Unless you are in the mountain region, you can go about in your summer clothes.

Accommodation: You can choose to stay in hotels, all-inclusive resorts and private homes comprising Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments, located in beautiful garden settings and facing the Caribbean Sea. These rentals come with well-equipped kitchens to prepare meals and often include BBQ, which means you can save money by eating in and also entertain families and friends in your ‘home.’

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