Friday, June 25, 2010

River rafting trip in Jamaica

If you are interested in water activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Jamaica. From surfing to kayaking, from scuba diving to kayaking, river rafting and more, you will find plenty of opportunities in the resort towns of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Port Antonio. To be near the action, you can consider staying in Silver Sands villas, a secure community of villas and cottages encompassing a private beach and within easy distance of the best of what the island has to offer.

For river rafting, you can hire a raft and go out on your own or take one of the rafting tours available on the White River, Black River, Rio Grande and Martha Brae. The rafts are usually 30-feet long and are captained by experts who also serve as guides regaling you with interesting stories and information about the island. So just sit back, relax and enjoy as the panoramic vistas unfurl before you. If you are on a honeymoon trip or are looking for something really romantic you can consider a moonlight bamboo rafting trip on the Martha Brae.

There are also plenty of opportunities for white water rafting in fast paced locations again in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Port Antonio. You can venture out on your own or hire the services of a local guide who is familiar with the rapids. Which ever way you go, do remember to carry along bottled water (though some tours include drinks and picnics), sunscreen and mosquito repellents, otherwise the sun and the bugs can ruin a perfect trip.

If you are travelling with kids, it is all the more reason that you set base in Silver Sands villas for they specially cater to families and have facilities for all age groups. The villas provide childcare facilities and also have a separate play area for kids and so you can go out for your river rafting trip secure in the knowledge that they are happy, well taken care of and occupied.

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