Thursday, July 15, 2010

Information for wedding in Jamaica

If you are planning to get married in Jamaica, you couldn’t have chosen a better destination. Whether you wish to be married at the waterfront, on a deserted beach, on a catamaran or a sailing boat or the backdrops of waterfalls and mountains, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on whether you want an intimate ceremony for two or an extravaganza involving your family and friends, you can choose Jamaica accommodation rentals suited to your group size and budget.

Professional wedding planners can take care of all the arrangements; however here are some points that you should know if you wish to be married on the island.

You can get married within 24 hours of your arrival on the island provided you have applied for a marriage license in advance. The cost of the license is approximately US $65 to 70.

There are a number of non-denominational marriage officers who will perform weddings at their offices or homes, or at places chosen by you. The fee for their services usually ranges from US $100 to several hundred dollars depending on services rendered and travel time to and from the destination. These officers will also provide you witnesses required for the ceremony.

Professional wedding planners can take of all the arrangements from license to tax to clergyman as also music, caterers, decorations etc. You’ll also need to present some documents such as:

• Proof of citizenship: For this, you would need to provide your birth certificate with your father’s name.
• If you are under 18, written consent from parents.
• Original certificate of divorce or annulment, if applicable.
• Certificate of death for widow or widower, if applicable.

For more information you can contact the Jamaican embassy in your respective country for rules and regulations.


The island offers a range of options including hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and Jamaica accommodation rentals comprising villas and cottages ideal for all group sizes and budgets.

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