Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping in Jamaica

The breathtakingly beautiful island of Jamaica is as much a shopping destination as it is a beach destination. The wide array of duty-free shops sprinkled all over the island enables you to find great bargains for the best brands in jewellery, perfumes, watches etc. The local crafts are as beautiful, vibrant and colourful. If you are staying in Jamaica accommodation rentals, you can talk to the staff and they will be able to guide you on where to shop, what to buy and where to get the best deals.

The main tourist towns of Ocho Rios, Kingston and Montego Bay promise an exciting shopping experience. If you are visiting these places, here are some shopping areas you can check out.

Ocho Rios: Go to the Island Village at Turtle beach Complex, especially if you are interested in reggae and island music culture. More than 30 shops here offer a variety of Bob Marley souvenir items, reggae culture inspired clothing, books, posters, and, of course and music.

Montego Bay: Visit the Harbour Street to shop for products such as hand-made jewellery of beads and semi-precious stones, textile products including are richly coloured cottons and sturdy natural fibres. Also try out Hip Strip on Gloucester Avenue. From malls, duty-free shops, boutiques to clubs and eateries, you’ll find it all.

Kingston: The capital of Jamaica is also the culture and art capital of the island. You can visit Frame Center Gallery and the Mutual Life Gallery that stock some of the island’s best artists.

The island’s rum, spices and the famed Blue Mountain coffee make for great souvenirs. If you are staying in Silver Sands villas, you can buy the coffee at the Villa Mart at rates that are considerably less than what you would have to pay at duty-free shops in the airports.

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