Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why travel to Kingston in Jamaica

Kingston is not just the capital of Jamaica – it is also the island’s art, culture and commercial hub. Most visitors to Kingston, however, set base in Jamaica accommodation rentals on the scenic north coast. These rentals are at a convenient distance from Kingston making day trips possible there.

Port Royal, located nearby, was initially the capital of Jamaica. However, this ‘wickedest city on earth’ was destroyed by an earthquake and submerged into the sea. However, its reputation still lingers and attracts large number of visitors who come here to see if the traces of its wild past still linger.
Kingston is cushioned by the Blue Mountains and so is protected by the rains. So you can visit Kingston anytime of the year and enjoy the blissful tropical weather without the storms disrupting the sunshine.

The city provides enough attractions to suit all tastes and age groups. Most attractions are to be found on Hope Road. Here you can see Hope Botanical Gardens, Marley Museum and Devon House. The nightlife of Kingston is equally well-known so come dark and the bars and nightclubs come alive with parties, drinks, good food and of course music.

You can plan your trip to Kingston by browsing through the Silver Sands villas guide to Kingston. This secure community of villas on the north coast provides easy access to Kingston and the best of what the island has to offer.

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Thailand Villas said...

Kingston travel will bring you face-to-face with the vital culture of Jamaica. The city's handful of interesting museums, galleries and the botanical gardens can easily fill a couple of days of sightseeing. Thanks a lot.