Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The best beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica was recently conferred the honour of being the best beach destination in the world at the annual World Travel Event held at London. The award specifically went to Montego Bay, the second largest town on the island. However, beaches in Jamaica are as plentiful as they are beautiful and are found all over the island.

If you are on a beach holiday with your family and friends, you can have the beach right on your door step if you choose to stay in some of the Jamaica rental communities such as Silver Sands Villas Jamaica that encompass their own stretch of beach. These rentals in Jamaica are perfect if you want to spend some quality time relaxing and soaking up the sun in the company of your loved ones, away from the prying eyes of the crowd. This is not to say that these private beaches are secluded but just that there is ample space to share with guests staying in other villas and cottages of the rental community. On the positive side, you can make friends with people belonging to different nationalities and cultures, which in itself can prove to be an interesting learning experience.

As already stated, you will find a wide range of beaches, secluded and buzzing with activity. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Seven Miles Beach: Located in the laidback town of Negril, this pristine, white sandy beach needs no introduction. It has consistently been voted as amongst the best beaches in the world and every year attracts thousands of visitors. The beach is perfect for water sports and the crystal clear water on most days is so calm that you can actually wade into it for half a mile. Some stretches are secluded while others bustle with activity. Some stretches are also clothing optional.

Doctor’s Cove Beach: The beach in Montego Bay is so named because it was found in 1906 by a group of waters. Mineral springs feed the waters here and so they are known for their curative powers. The sheltered location makes it ideal for diffident swimmers to practice their skills. The beach is perfect for spending intimate time with your family.

Boston Bay Beach: The beach is located just outside Port Antonio, one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets. The small beach is perfect for spending some intimate moments with the family. It is a great favourite with the locals and the visitors who come here to soak up the sun and enjoy jerked meat, Jamaica’s world-famous speciality. In fact it is here from the beach that jerked meat gained its well deserved popularity.

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