Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jamaica: A favourite holiday destination in the Caribbean

Jamaica enjoys the reputation of being a fascinating holiday destination worldwide. It boasts a rich natural treasure of beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains and lush tropical countryside. It is little wonder then that Jamaica is one of the most sought after hot spots for a holiday.

The wide array of activities can be conveniently enjoyed from the comforts of your Jamaican vacation rental. Silver Sands Villas is one such community of beautiful Jamaican villas and apartments. Overlooking gorgeous sea views, the rentals offer a host of services and facilities including tastefully decorated rooms, entertainment options, fully equipped kitchen, Internet connection and car parking among others..

These amazing Silver Sands villas combined with a suite of interesting activities are guaranteed to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. From diving and snorkeling to trekking and mountain biking – Jamaica has it all.

Water sport enthusiasts can enjoy a unique underwater experience at the various diving spots. The famous beach of Negril and its surrounding areas have quite a few interesting diving venues. One such spot is the Throne Room, which is a 40-foot wide cavern situated 65 feet below sea level and contains yellow sponges. If you are looking for a more daring adventure, you can always head to Rock Cliff Reef and Sharks Reef. While Rock Cliff Reef gives you the opportunity to see eels in their natural environment, the Sharks Reef, as the name suggests, is about spotting nursing sharks.

Montego Bay offers a number of opportunities for snorkeling that include Coyoba, Seaworld and Royal Reef’s. Each of these reefs is home to a number of wildlife creatures such as blue and brown chromis, spotlight parrotfish, yellow-headed wrasses and barjacks. For a truly daring adventure, there can’t be a more fitting snorkeling venue.

For those who prefer land to water can gladly explore the magnificent Blue Mountains. There are immense possibilities for enjoying treks and biking through the intriguing and challenging terrain of the mountains. If you really want to follow an offbeat path there is always the Cockpit Country, which is a completely wild region in the central-northwestern part of the island. It is a pretty remote area and so it is better you take a guard along. Experienced trekkers will surely find this an unbelievable experience.

However, to experience these amazing adventures you would need to spend a couple of days on the island. In such a scenario the best choice of accommodation is undoubtedly the Jamaican rentals. Silver Sands Jamaica is an ideal abode that offers you a combination of excellent services, facilities and complete privacy.

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Jamaica is a favourite holiday destination in the Caribbean, with white sandy beaches, luscious green mountains and clear waters it remains a paradise resort that centers on its Caribbean culture very much at the heart of the island.Thanks a lot.