Monday, February 21, 2011

Holiday in Jamaica

Jamaica is a relatively small island so easy to navigate in a day. However, most attractions are located in the north coast or at a convenient distance for day trips to the resort towns so if you are planning a trip to the island, you can consider setting base in Jamaica rentals comprising private villas and cottages located here. These rentals face the Caribbean Sea and some even encompass their own private stretch of beach and so are perfect for beach holidays.

One of the most well known resort towns in Jamaica is Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is also the cruise capital of the island although this is an honour which it will soon have to share with Falmouth, where cruise ships will also dock. It is home to the island’s signature attractions, the Dunns River Falls. More than the just the sight of water cascading down from a height of 600 feet what attracts the tourists more is the fun of climbing the limestone rocks over which the water falls on its way to meet the Caribbean. The climb is safe and if you wish you can take a guide along. Reach the falls and you will see people forming a human chain by joining hands and trying to make their way to the top. If you plan to join this fun activity, do remember to take a waterproof camera along for the views from each of the rocks and from the top are simply stunning.

Then there in Negril that is on the list of all those who come to the island for a beach holiday. As already stated above, there are some Jamaica rentals that encompass their own private beach where you can swim, snorkel, enjoy a picnic and make acquaintances with other guests staying in the secure community. However, outside the rentals, the beaches are well worth exploring and one of them is the Seven Miles Beach in Negril. The beach has consistently been voted as amongst the best in the world and not without reason. Aside from the sugary white sand, it offers a great social scene and you can also enjoy a number of water sports here.

Montego Bay is the second largest town in Jamaica after Kingston the capital. Known fondly as MoBay by the locals it provides the best of natural and man-made attractions. The town boasts four world class golf championship courses and is also home to the ‘Hip Strip’ with several restaurants, clubs, bars and duty free shops.

Kingston is the capital as also the cultural and commercial hub of the island. It was recently in the news for the violence that erupted for the arrest of a drug lord. However, the dust soon settled and Kingston is thriving like never before more so after it recently hosted the Jamaica tourism convention which attracted much appreciation from participants.

Finally, there is Port Antonio, which is considered to be Jamaica’s best kept secrets. This nature’s paradise attracts the rich and famous from across the world with many who own property here. Port Antonio is home to the misty Blue Mountains and the Rio Grande Valley whose stunning trails are worth exploring.

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