Tuesday, June 14, 2011

River rafting in Jamaica

Jamaica has a spectacular coastline and several navigable rivers which open up endless opportunities for water activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, and river rafting. Then there are Jamaica rentals communities that have their own stretch of beach where you can swim and soak up the sun in peace and privacy.

Outside the rentals there are a host of activities that you can enjoy including river rafting. There are two types of rafting adventures available: bamboo rafting and white water rafting.

The best bamboo rafting trips are available in Port Antonio on the Black River. The bamboo rafts are captained by experts and so all you need to do is to sit back and watch the scenery as it unfolds before your eyes. The guides are well-informed and will regale you with interesting information to make the trip all the more memorable. You can also enjoy a moonlit tour.

Then there is white water rafting in fast paced water locations in places such as Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and again in Port Antonio. River rafting tours available on the Black River, White River, Martha Brae and Rio Grande. You can go out on your own or hire a guide to help you navigate the rapids. Tours are easily available and they usually last around five hours per trip. Some tours have an age limit and are not available for kids below twelve years of age.

While going for river rafting it will also be a good idea to take along sunscreen and mosquito repellents to keep away the sun and bugs. Also do take along bottled water as the Jamaican sun can get pretty hot.

You can enjoy river rafting trips and a host of other activities on the north coast of the island. The Montego Bay airport is nearby and the opening of the new pier in Falmouth is also bringing in its share of visitors all of whom prefer to set base in this part of the island. If you are travelling with family or kids, you could consider staying in family-friendly rentals such as Silver Sands Villas Jamaica.

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Barbados Villas said...

Jamaica river rafting adventure on the White River begins 2 miles from
the sea. It adds a wonderful touch to an already spectacular experience. Jamaica is the perfect place for the water-loving adventurer. Thanks a lot.