Monday, June 13, 2011

Water activity tours in Jamaica

Jamaica has a spectacular coastline and some great navigable rivers which make it an ideal destination for those interested in water activities. Then there are some Jamaican rentals that encompass their own stretch of private beach where guests can enjoy swimming and snorkeling among other activities.

Here are some activities that you can try out. Guided tours are also available for a number of water activities.

Dolphins Cove: Located in Ocho Rios, this marine park is the perfect venue for a family outing. You can opt for the Ocho Rios package offered by some tour operators. In the cove, you can experience a one-to-one encounter with friendly dolphins as you swim and frolic with them. Before you enter the water for an unforgettable 30 minutes swim, you’ll first be given a brief initiation from a trainer. As part of the tour, you will be able to see some exciting birds, tropical fish, and reptiles. Also enjoy a gentle nature walk through lush, unspoiled tropical rainforest and see amazing Jamaican plants.

Hold and feed the sharks tour: The tour gives you the rare opportunity to meet the most fascinating and fearsome of all sea creatures, the shark. Under the careful supervision of the highly trained shark encounter facilitators, you can hold, touch, feed, swim in the same water as these sharks and learn the deep secrets of the Caribbean sharks.

The tour also takes you to visit Little Port Royal, a replica of Jamaica's most famous pirate 'Haunt'. Here you can witness pirates roaming through town and listen to the rhythms of Caribbean music and browse through the largest gift shops in Jamaica. You can also shop for souvenirs and sample tropical fruits and spices.

Jungle river tubing safari: This is another interesting tour that takes you to a Jamaican tubing adventure. As part of the tour, you will first be given an orientation complete with safety tips for the ride down the Great River. Jump into the tube and float down the river. During the trip, the guide will introduce you to the real Jamaica and provide you interesting commentary and information, while navigating the rushing rapids of the Great River. The tour gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy Jamaica's natural beauty as you watch flowing streams join with the river. Along the way, you’ll be able to glimpse some of the indigenous jungle animals in their natural habitat.

These tours simply provide an insight into the type of water activities that you can enjoy in Jamaica. However, there is much more in store for you. If you are not sure which tour to take, realize that there are some Jamaican rentals such as Silver Sands Villas Jamaica that also book tours for their guests with award-winning tour operator companies such as Chukka Adventure Caribbean, which was recognized as the which won the World Travel Awards Caribbean's Leading Nature Adventure Excursion Operator in 2010, the fourth consecutive year.

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The island nation of Jamaica is only about 4,300 square miles, so many activities for tourists revolve around the beaches and rivers that populate the landscape. The water-based activities that anyone should be able to find something to suit their particular tastes, whether it is exploring the island's natural waterfalls or water skiing off the coast. Thanks...