Friday, August 13, 2010

Benefits of staying in Jamaica rentals

Are you planning to travel to Jamaica with your family? Planning a family vacation is never easy because it can be really hard to please the children and secondly you also may want some peaceful moments together with your spouse. So how to ensure a great family vacation in Jamaica? Simply stay in a Jamaica rentals which caters to families just like yours.

Jamaica rentals

What sets these Jamaica rentals apart is that they provide for childcare facilities and also onsite games rooms etc to keep them happily busy. Whether your kids are toddlers, teenagers or somewhere in between, they will be well taken care of. These resorts have kid sized swimming pools, play areas and even beach front playgrounds.

Depending on your tastes, requirements and budgets, you can choose between Jamaica villas, cottages, condos and apartments ranging from one to several bedrooms. These vacation rentals are tastefully decorated, well furnished, and well equipped for all comforts of daily living. Besides, the services of a housekeeping staff and chef are also included in the package which means all you have to do is to concentrate on having a good time.

Tour arrangements

Jamaica rentals are all inclusive in that there are plenty of activities to keep you within the complex. For example, the Silver Sands Jamaica has its own stretch of private beach where you can find a quiet corner to relax while the kids make friends with children of other guests. The Silver Sands villas are perfect for families and couples and have much to offer their visitors. If you wish to venture out, you can take advantage of the special Ocho Rios tour that is arranged by the Silver Sands villas. The tour takes you to the Dunn’s River Falls, one of the most important tourist attractions in Jamaica.

Invite guests to your Jamaica villa

Jamaica villas have very few restrictions. Unlike adult only resorts, there are few guest restrictions. Guests here don’t have to be parents but having said that, you will find that most guests are parents anyway who know that they can leave the kids in trustworthy hands while they go out to indulge in adult activities.

So if you are planning a family trip to Jamaica, you can consider a family resort as your accommodation option. And if you are convinced, you can consider Silver Sands Jamaica for a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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St Barts Villas said...

Jamaica rentals combine the facilities and comforts of a hotel with the privacy and space that only a home can provide. These rentals cater to all group size and budgets and according to your preferences that have facilities ranging from the comfortable to the luxurious. Thanks a lot.