Monday, August 23, 2010

Hotel or Jamaica rentals for your vacation?

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, you can stay in a hotel or in Jamaica rentals? So what is the difference? The difference is not only in terms of cost but the type of experience offered.

Lets first consider the first option, which is cost. Generally, a stay in Jamaica rentals proves to be much cheaper especially if you are travelling with your family. One, you can save money on eating out all three times a day. Jamaica villas provide kitchen/kitchenette, depending on the size of the accommodation, which means you can cook yourself or hire the services of a chef to prepare the meals. Indeed, most villas in Jamaica include the services of a cook and maid so that you don’t have to bother about the household work. It goes without saying having home cooked meals is easy both on the stomach and on the pocket.

Second, Jamaica accommodation rentals also provide facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centres, coffee shops and restaurants. Basically, you don’t have to venture out far for anything; everything is available at your doorstep. For example, Silver Sands villas also have a villa mart where you can shop for groceries, gifts and souvenirs.

Jamaica rentals allow you to mingle with like minded people. Those who rent these villas are looking for a quality experience, privacy, space and comfort, among other things. So basically you have something common with the other guests and so the stay becomes all the more pleasant. Take the case of Silver Sands villas, where there is an entertainment or welcome party organized every week. The get together is completely a family affair where guests get to mingle with each other belonging to different nationalities, different backgrounds. This sort of experience is definitely not provided by any hotel. All it can offer you is comfort and services but not the feeling of being at home. This is exactly what Jamaica rentals are—your home away from home, similar to your home in terms of comforts, privacy and space but different in terms of providing you with a completely new experience about Jamaica, about its people and about its lifestyle. It is little wonder then, Jamaica rentals are so much in demand by the visitors.

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