Thursday, August 26, 2010

Introduction to Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations attracting millions of travelers each year. World famous for its natural wonders, Jamaica also possesses an infectious spirit and a colorful ambiance. However to enjoy the spectrum of recreational and outdoor activities it is important to first decide on the choice of accommodation. If you are interested in an extended stay or want to spend private moments with your partner or even quality time with your family, the better option is to stay in a vacation rental in Jamaica. There are numerous options available and you should especially check out the vacation homes and cottages in Silver Sands Jamaica.

Once you have decided on your accommodation option, do give some thought to your itinerary. Though the island offers a number of opportunities to adventure and thrill seekers, there are some that you must not miss.

Beaches obviously take precedence over the others and if you like water sports, you should try out snorkeling and diving. For snorkeling the prominent sites include Coyoba, Seaworld and Royal Reef’s. These sites in Montego Bay do promise an adventurous experience since they are home to various wildlife creatures including spotlight parrotfish, barjacks, yellow-headed wrasses and blue and brown chromis.

Negril Beach and some of its surrounding areas are particularly known to be leading snorkeling sites, among which Throne Room, Rock Cliff Reef and Sharks Reef stand out distinctively. Throne Room is a 40-foot wide cavern, which is situated 65 feet below sea level and features a wonderful display of yellow sponges. If you like a tad more adventure then you can visit Rock Cliff Reef and Sharks Reef where you are guaranteed to spot eels and sharks.

The land too offers a fair share of adventurous activities. The Cockpit Country is known for its wilderness and those with a daring spirit can venture into this unknown zone with a help of a local and experienced guide. It is advisable that only experienced trekkers take the journey because in this central-northwestern part of the island there is hardly any proof of civilization. Alternately, fort those who prefer something less strenuous can enjoy hiking or a riding trip through the rugged terrain of the Blue Mountains.

Whatever may be your preference, at the end of the day you do need to come back to a warm and a welcoming ambience. Jamaica rentals offer you the perfect retreat and are ideal choice of home in this far away land.

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