Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jamaica activities: Port Antonio

Surrounded by the Blue Mountains, Port Antonio on Jamaica’s northeast coast is a major tourist attraction promising its visitors an unrivalled package of natural beauty, rich local culture, and adventurous activities. If you are looking for a pristine, beautiful and a quiet retreat then this is the place to visit. There is a lot to see and do and so a little bit of planning in advance will ensure that you make the most of your visit.

One really important aspect of your planning should be to decide where to stay. The first thing that may come to your mind would be a stay in a hotel but it is time you considered some other options. For example, Jamaica has great many options of vacation rentals complete with all luxuries and services required for a comfortable stay. The benefit is that by staying in Silver Sands Jamaica, you can get a first hand perspective of the local way of life and you can explore the island at your own leisure and pace. Also a stay in a vacation rental in Jamaica can prove to be more cost-effective especially if you are traveling with family or in a group and are here for an extended vacation. The vacation rentals in Jamaica provide convenient access to Port Antonio and its sights, attractions, entertainment and nightlife options.

Coming back to all the interesting things you can do in Port Antonio, well the list is endless. The beaches here are absolutely spectacular and have not yet borne the brunt of too much tourism. You can still catch a glimpse of what Jamaica used to be before it was swept over by the huge influx of visitors from all over the world. Boston Bay and Blue Lagoon are the more popular ones and attract quite a crowd. San San Beach and Frenchman’s Cove are more quaint, secluded and pretty and offer a perfect retreat from the crowds. Rent a beach lounger and simply relax and enjoy a cool drink while you get that gorgeous tan. If you seek thrill and adventure, you can always try out the various water sport activities including kayaking, snorkeling and diving.

If you have had enough of beaches, you can definitely take a detour one day and head towards Athenry Gardens and Cave of Nonsuch. Marvel at the 1.5 million years old cave as you venture inside to explore its underground beauty by walking through its concrete walkways. You can then meander through the beautiful Athenry Gardens, which offer spectacular views over the island and the sea.

You can also check out the scintillating Somerset Falls. A short ride will directly take you the site of the falls, where you can enjoy a dip in the various rock pools. This region also gives you plenty of reasons to go on a short trek or even mountain biking through the terrains of the majestic Blue Mountains. Make the most of your trip to Jamaica all the more special by a stay in a vacation rental and if you decide on doing so, you can check out Silver Sands Jamaica, a secure community of villas and cottages encompassing an exclusive white sands beach.

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