Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What to do in Jamaica

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica planning an itinerary would seem difficult given the fact that there is so much to see and do. To make your task simpler, here are some suggestions that you can consider to savour the unique flavours of the island.

Jamaica is a relatively small island which you can drive around in a day. However, some of the island’s most sought out attractions are concentrated in Ocho Rios, a town in St Ann parish. To avoid the crowds, you can choose to stay in Jamaica accommodation rentals that are located some distance away. This way you’ll be near the attractions but away from the crowds.

There are many beautiful gardens in and around Ocho Rios brimming with flowers, vines, ferns and trees and adorning them are the exotic butterflies fluttering away in the breeze. The rivers or streams winding their way through complete the picture and it is little wonder that these gardens are in great demand as befitting locales for a dream outdoor wedding.

Ocho Rios is also home to one of Jamaica’s most sought out attraction and that is the Dunn’s River Falls. They would be like any other waterfall but for the fact that you can actually climb up these falls. The water here cascades down a series of protruding rocks that form a natural staircase leading right to the top. Accompanied by a guide, you can join a human chain stumbling and balancing its way to reach the top. You can carry a waterproof camera and stop at the stairs to capture the surroundings and the climb. On reaching the top, you’ll be rewarded by some stunning views and also vendors selling you everything from snacks and drinks to souvenirs.

If you are travelling with kids, you can check out the nearby Dolphins cove a marine park promising fun for both children and adults. Among other activities, you can swim with a family of bottleneck dolphins.

For the nature enthusiasts, there is the Royal Palm Reserve Park that is waiting to be explored. Spread across over 300 acres, the park is home to about 300 species of animals, reptiles, birds and butterflies and over 114 species of flowers.

No visit to Jamaica can be complete without a visit to its beaches. While there are many communities of Jamaica villas and cottages with their own stretch of private beaches, you can check out others promising great water activities and a chance to see and mingle with people. One such beach is the Seven Miles beach in Negril which is counted amongst the best beaches in the world.

While in Jamaica, go Jamaican. Try out the various varieties of rum and jerked meat, get your hair braided into dreadlocks and learn the nuances of Jamaican patois, the island's unofficial language.

And of course you simply have to go shopping, not that you have to venture far to do that. Drive through the scenic routes and you’ll find stores dotting the roadsides. On the beaches, you’ll find vendors vying for your attention and in the tourist hot spots you’ll find stores and markets where you can pick up a painting or a woodcraft item.

Finally, this time make all the difference to you trip by staying in Jamaica villas and cottages that are geared to pamper your every whim, provide you all possible comforts and services and that too at costs that are less than that of hotels and all-inclusive resorts.

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