Thursday, September 16, 2010

Souvenir shopping in Jamaica

If you are visiting Jamaica with your family or friends, you might consider setting base in Jamaica villas, cottages or apartments that are more affordable than hotels and all-inclusive resorts and provide more value for money. Also, while in Jamaica, you would definitely like to shop for souvenirs to remind you of your visit to the island. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

Jamaica is well known for its handicrafts, hot spices, rum, music and Blue Mountain Coffee. One popular handicraft is the drum used in folk dance and music. Depending on your bargaining skills and the size of the drum you can get one from 20 US dollars to 100 dollars. Also remember that some souvenirs are produced in bulk and imported to Jamaica, so do look around to find something that is indigenous to the country. Some handicrafts are made on site and they can be a bit more expensive.

Jamaica’s hot spices and sauces are also in great demand. You can find them just about anywhere on beaches, towns and airports. Jerked meat is a speciality here and you can buy jerk seasoning to spice up your BBQ back home.

Jamaica is also famous for its rum and you can choose from a wide variety. Again, if you don’t get time while enjoying the island, you can shop at duty-free shops at the airport.

Finally, there is Blue Mountain Coffee, which is a bit expensive but well worth its price. You can buy coffee from the Silver Sands Jamaica villa mart at a rate that is less expensive than at the airport duty-free shops.

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Luxury Villas In Jamaica said...

Souvenir shopping is widely available on the beaches, in town markets, alongside cruise ship docks, and in the airport. Cruise ship passengers often report that the hustle of Jamaican portside market stalls is unappealing. Thanks a lot.