Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Beaches in Jamaica

The beaches in Jamaica need no introduction. The beautiful island nation is the leading beach destination in the world, an award that was conferred on Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second largest town, in the recently concluded World Travel Awards ceremony held in London on 7 November. Given that these awards are seen as the ‘Oscars of the travel industry’ the recognition goes a long way in substantiating the island’s image as a favourite destination for a tropical escape under the Caribbean sun.

If you are planning a beach holiday with your family or friends, you can literally have a pristine, white sand right at your step by staying in rentals in Jamaica that encompass their own stretch of private beach. Away from the crowds, you can swim, snorkel, play volleyball, make sand castles and enjoy beautiful long walks under the starlit sky.

Outside the beaches of your own Jamaica rental, you can explore the miles of inviting beaches, some secluded, some buzzing with social activity and at all time alive to the sounds of reggae music floating through the breeze. Whether you are on a honeymoon or on a family vacation, you’ll find a beach that is just perfect for you.

Jamaica’s beaches are as beautiful as they are plentiful. However, there are some that really stand out and these are listed below.

Seven Miles Beach: Located in Negril, this beautiful beach has been consistently voted as amongst the best in the world. The water here is crystal clear and so calm that on most days you can wade out close to half a mile. It is also perfect for water activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Some stretches are secluded while others buzz with activity. There are also some clothing-optional stretches along the beach.

Doctor’s Cove Beach: This is one of the best beaches in Montego Bay and is appropriately named. It was founded in 1906 by a group of doctors who came to swim there. The crystal clear water here is fed by mineral springs, so it's usually a comfortable temperature. The water is also known for its healing properties. The beach is popular with both tourists and locals and there are many places to grab a Jamaican pattie and cold Red Stripe for lunch.

Boston Bay Beach: Located just outside Port Antonio, one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets, this small beach is much sought out by the locals and tourists. It is also from this beach that jerked meat, Jamaica’s most famous fast food, got its well-deserved fame. The beach was owned by "Happy Hooker" author Roger Moore, who later donated it to the Jamaican government.

Blue Lagoon Beach: Again in Port Antonio, this is the beach where Brook Shields starred in the movie "Blue Lagoon." The beach is beautiful and generally secluded. Given its depth, the colour of the water here is deep blue.

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