Friday, December 3, 2010

Things to do in Jamaica: Visit Dolphin Cove

If you are planning a family trip to Jamaica, you can include a visit to the Dolphins Cove in Ocho Rios. To deviate a bit from the topic, you can stay in Jamaica rentals that cater especially to families, couples and large groups and offer a personalized experience and value for money than hotels and all-inclusive resorts.

Coming back to the Dolphins Cove. It is a perfect venue for a family trip. You can inform the staff of the Jamaica villas and they will arrange transport to the marine park. The park is an idyllic tropical retreat set against the backdrop of Jamaica’s picturesque North Coast. It is surrounded by 5 acres of lush tropical rain forest encompassing a natural cove.

The park promises you an experience of a lifetime—you can swim with the dolphins, and if you are adventurous enough, swim with the sharks also. Besides, you can also go kayaking in a glass-bottom boat on the Caribbean Sea and even captain your own mini-boat. Spend some interesting time interacting with stingrays (barbs clipped) and if you are tired, relax on the pearly white beach.

The park offers something for everyone. The entrance fee allows the visitors to enjoy the following activities as often as they wish: Captain their own mini-boat, explore the coast, interact with the stingays, enjoy a glass-bottom kayak ride and explore the under water world, appreciate a hilarious shark show and interact with the exotic birds, iguanas, birds and snakes on the jungle trail.

And then there are other activities, the most fascinating being swimming with the dolphins. The trainers will give you a basic lesson on how to deal with the dolphins and what you can expect. Once you are in the water, two bottleneck dolphins will join you. Once you start floating, they’ll push you forward with their fins. The dolphins are trained to obey their trainer’s whistle and once he blows it, they’ll immediately leave you fending for yourself!

For the adventurous, there is a swim with the sharks. You can head to the shark enclosure and sit holding a trained nurse shark on your lap and also swim with them, hold and feed them and learn about their evolutionary secrets.

Once you are done with the activities or want a break, you can relax on the glistening white sandy beaches, enjoying a picnic or simply appreciating the tropical surroundings. You can also shop here for the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and other souvenirs such as jewellery and wood carvings. And finally, don’t forget to enjoy the Shark Show while the one-legged pirates roam freely along the boardwalk of “Little Port Royal” and perform a “jig or two”.

And if all this activity leaves you happy but tired, head to your Jamaica villas to relax, relieve the moments, and be pampered to the choicest of dishes prepared by the cook.

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