Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Health and wellness tourism in Jamaica

Jamaica’s natural bounty and year round warm, tropical weather is largely responsible for its growing reputation as an important health and wellness destination. Catering to the increase in demand for wellness services, Jamaican rentals are now offering their guests personalized spa services to their guests in the privacy of their own accommodations.

Indeed, the island has witnessed an increase in the number of spas across the country, and more specifically in towns of high tourist interest. And as already stated above, the people can also enjoy these services in the comfort of their own private Jamaica rentals.

A recent research by the American Academy of Family Physicians has highlighted the fact that 60% of all problems brought to the physicians are related to stress. It has also reported that US corporations lose approximately $150 billion each year to stress-related disorders. It is little wonder then that these corporations are now offering spa experiences to the employees to mix business with pleasure such as to provide healing experiences as also a platform to motivate and build relationships.

Jamaica has emerged as a leading health and wellness destination given its proximity to the USA, the affordability of its high quality services and the healing environment provided by the sun, sand and the sea.

Sensing business opportunities, Jamaica’s investment and export promotion agency, JAMPRO, has secured technical assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat to undertake the development of a road map for the growth of health and wellness tourism in Jamaica to facilitate the country's foray into the multi-billion dollar global medical tourism industry.

Jamaican rentals like Silver Sands Villas are upbeat about the increased in business opportunities this has opened up and are already providing spa services to their guests at affordable costs.


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