Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things to do in Jamaica this winter season

Jamaica is often seen as a romantic destination offering exotic locales for weddings and honeymoons. But the island promises much fun and activities for a family vacation. So if you are visiting Jamaica with your family that includes grandparents and kids, here are some things you can do.

Stay in Jamaica villas and cottages: In a time challenged world where you are constantly burdened with the pressures of your work, there is no time like a family holiday to reconnect with your loved ones and to do this, you would definitely require some privacy and space. These are two things that set Jamaica villas and cottages apart from hotels. In a hotel there is not much chance that you’ll all get your rooms next to each other. These vacation rentals are your home away from home in that they provide you all the comfort, space, services and attention you need for a memorable holiday. They are also different from your home in that they allow you to live like natives amidst natives and gain a first hand perspective of the place.

Take advantage of the Jamaica villas facilities: Jamaican accommodation rentals also provide all the facilities to keep the family happy. The villas, cottages and apartments include TV, DVD/CD players, Internet etc so if you are not in a mood to venture out, you can watch your favourite movie in the comfort of your room or take in the spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea from the comfort of your veranda. Some villas like the Silver Sands villas also have their own stretch of private beaches where you can go snorkelling and swimming or enjoy a picnic. You can also mingle with other guests and make new friends and acquaintances. These rentals also have separate play area for kids. If you want to try out activities that are strictly meant for adults, you can inform the staff and they will arrange childcare services and activities.

Dolphins Cove: Ocho Rios is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jamaica. It boasts some great natural attractions such as the Dunn’s River Falls and Dolphins Cove, a marine park that promises much fun for both adults and kids. The park is encompassed by four acres of rain forests where you can view marine species such as rays, eels and sharks as well as tropical birds, like the macaw. The main attraction however are the dolphins and whats more, you can jump into the water and swim with them.

Kool Runnings Park: Located in Negril, this man made park is a great hit with the tourists and locals alike. This state-of-the-art water park features attractions for visitors of all ages. Enter the park and you will be confronted with a water world complete with rivers and waterslides to suit all tastes and ages from the gentle for the kids and the exciting for the adventurous.

Luminous Lagoon: Enjoy a boat ride on the Luminous Lagoon and discover one of the rare phenomenons of nature. The lagoon is home to a rare phosphorescent microbe known as dinoflagellate. Any movement in water causes the microbes to glow with a neon green colour giving the lagoon an ethereal look. This phenomenon can be witnessed only in four places in the world and Jamaica is considered to be the best amongst them.

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