Friday, February 5, 2010

Adventure activities in Jamaica: Skydiving

Jamaica, which has much to offer its visitors in terms of sun, sand and the beautiful weather, has added skydiving as the latest feather in its cap of adventure activities. Those looking for some great adrenalin rush can head to the Boscobel Aerodrome in St Mary, conveniently located from the Turtle Beach Towers or Carib Ocho Rios.

Skydiving Jamaica specializes in tandem skydives, which is very safe and is open to both new and experienced skydivers. As a first timer, you will be given a 20-to30 minutes training session by a licensed instructor who will explain you all the technicality of the sport including the jump and landing process. And after that you are all set to go.

What better to experience Jamaica than your body flying at 120 miles per hour? And just when you begin to relax, the instructor pulls your rip cord and you are all set to enjoy a six- to eight-minute parachute ride back to the landing area on the airport.

And you can capture the whole experience, from suiting to landing, on video at no extra costs. The package also includes 40 to 80 still pictures to relive the moments and take back beautiful memories to show back home.

Once back from your adventure, how about coming back to the comfort of your own exclusive apartment, to relax and feel the tiredness drain away from your body, leaving you fresh to face another exciting day in Jamaica.

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