Monday, February 1, 2010

Why stay in a vacation rental in Jamaica?

Jamaica is the perfect destination for a true Caribbean escape. Great beaches, beautiful scenery, enchanting landscapes, tempting cuisine, enchanting music and dance and above all, warm hospitable people, this is Jamaica and there is more.

Make your visit to Jamaica all the more special this time by renting a vacation villa instead of staying in a hotel. The reason for this is obvious. A hotel can provide you all the comforts and services you require but not the space and privacy you need to spend quality time with your family and friends. Besides, hotels can prove to be very costly especially if you are on an extended stay, because apart from the expensive rent you would also dish out a lot of money eating out everyday. The costs simply add up.

Jamaican villas take travel accommodation to the next level in that they combine the best of what hotels and homes provide---quality services with privacy and space. Basically you get the best of the two worlds at the cost of one. Depending on your budget and preferences and whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends, you can choose between studios, condos, villas and apartments.

Jamaica villas and cottages allow you to get a taste of the local way of life. These homes, besides being cotemporary are decorated and furnished in a style that is unique to Jamaica. Besides, you can have the cook come in to prepare local dishes which you can savor in the dining room or sitting in the terrace or balcony taking in the views with the gentle breeze playing on your face. You can wake up to sound of the gentle waves washing ashore or be lulled to sleep by their music. During the day, you can laze away the hours swaying in a hammock or indulge in some great water activities. In the evenings, enjoy long solitary walks under the moonlit sky or entertain your friends in the privacy of your beautiful garden.

Should you wish to venture out of the idyllic surroundings, the attentive yet unobtrusive staff will not only arrange for tours and transfers but will also advise on the places to visit on the tourist and the off the beaten track.

So next time you visit Jamaica, rent a villa or cottage, you will be spoiled for choice. If deciding on the perfect option becomes difficult, check out Silver Sands, a vacation rental community that specializes in providing the best options at the best rates combined with the best service.

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Most of all vacation homes in Jamaica are much more affordable than other types of lodgings. If you are traveling with the family or a large group, consider staying at a Jamaica vacation rental. These privately owned houses offer a unique atmosphere, privacy and tradition decor. Thanks a lot!