Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What do Jamaica villas have to offer?

Think of Jamaica and the images that immediately strike the mind are the stunning beaches, lofty mountains, brilliant landscape, reggae, jazz, tempting food and warm hospitable people. If you want to savor all the flavors of this idyllic paradise, stay in a Jamaica villa. Why you may well ask. Here are some reasons which may convince you to rent a Jamaica villa next time you visit this beautiful country.

First, these Jamaica villas are part hotel and part home in that they combine the luxuries and services of a hotel with privacy, space, warmth and comfort that only a home can provide. So at the price of one you get the best of two. Reason enough, you might say but then there are other factors that go in favor of Jamaica villas.

Travel today has gone beyond its accepted definition. Today a visit to a new place is not about just seeing and doing a few activities. It is about experiencing a place and that is something you really can’t do staying in a hotel surrounded by the usual tourist crowds. Why not live like locals to get the local taste of life? That is exactly what Jamaica villas let you do. These villas are contemporary, well equipped with all modern amenities, yet furnished and decorated in a style that is uniquely Caribbean. And then instead of eating out everyday, you can have the cook prepare your food and give you a taste of the local cuisine.

As in the case of a hotel, Jamaica villas also have an attentive staff to take care of your needs whether it is arranging for tours and transfers or providing you the necessary information you require to know your way around the island.

So that is what Jamaica villas have to offer. The best of experiences, the best of services, the best of costs, and all this at a cost that is much less than a hotel. Convinced? So when you next visit Jamaica, stay in a vacation villa or cottage and if you don’t know where to start, check out Silver Sands villas and cottages and you could not make a better choice.

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