Monday, February 8, 2010

The best beaches in Jamaica

For most visitors, Jamaica is all about sun, sand and sea and so if you are visiting the island for its beaches, the country will not disappoint. There is no shortage of coastline to explore and between the white sand beaches with lively beach bars in the north to the more remote, rocky and often black sand beaches in the south, you’ll find one to you’re your tastes. Listed here are some of the beaches that are definitely worth a visit.

Seven miles beach: The 7-mile sugary, white sand beach in Negril is considered to be one of the most famous beaches in the world. Once a sleepy fishing village, Negril is today a much sought out vacation destination that caters from young singles to families. The beach itself is simply stunning.

Frenchman’s cove: The beach is located just east of Port Antonio and there is an entry fee of £2 to get in but it is worth it. The beach has a freshwater stream where you can enjoy a dip or if you wish, you can venture into the sea. The beach is prettily overhung with tropical foliage.

Boston Bay: Located a few miles further east, Boston Bay is a tiny, quiet beach. The beach has suffered from the ravages of a recent hurricane but even then the beach has a beauty of its own. Adding to its appeal are the jerk stalls are selling peppery, smoke-grilled pork and cups of fresh young coconut milk.

Lime Cay: This is a small island of Port Royal. The place is great for a family vacation and you can just hire someone to take you there by boat. Once there, you can spend a fun-filled relaxing day picnicking, swimming and soaking up the sun.

Treasure beach: This is located south of the island next to a small fishing village. The coves here are perfect for snorkelling.

Ocho Rios: This is one of the most famous destinations in Jamaica. There is a small but perfectly formed stretch of white sand beyond Island Village where you can laze away the hours in the sun. If you want, you can also try your hand at water sports or cool off with an ice-cream from the adjacent shop. Jamaica is known for promoting the concept of all inclusive holiday resorts as an alternate to a hotel stay. There are beautiful Jamaican apartments in Ocho Rios that provide convenient access to the best of what the island has to offer.

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