Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Honeymoons in Jamaica: Planning ahead

If you are planning a honeymoon, there is one destination that you should consider and that is Jamaica. Located in the Caribbean, the island of sun, sand and the beautiful sea provides the idyllic background for a romantic interlude. A honeymoon in Jamaica means an opportunity to bask in the glory of nature—beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, mountains, and also the perfect chance to discover each other. To make the best of your visit, a little planning ahead could make your trip all the more memorable. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead.

Research for the right accommodation

This would require some patience but a little bit of research can take you a long way. You can start with finding the right accommodation. While there are good hotels you can consider, you can also book a Jamaican villa, cottage, condo or apartment that is all inclusive in terms of facilities and services. You can make your honeymoon really special by staying in beachfront cottages or villas or ones that give you the fabulous ocean front views. Some of these Jamaican apartments also offer special packages and discounts for a certain period of stay, marriages and honeymoon. So a little bit of planning can help you cut down costs.

Booking flights

You can cut down costs by booking flights if you are a bit flexible with your timings. There are sites that offer last minute packages and so if you are lucky, you can get yourself a spectacular bargain. Then there are some other sites that give you an idea of whether you should book at that time or wait for the prices to go down. There are chances that you may miss the flight altogether but in probability, you will get a good bargain especially if it is the off-season.

Planning an adventure activity

Jamaica gives you endless opportunity for outdoor activity which you can enjoy together. Small things together done together can bring you closer and to help you decide what to do, you can consider the following activities.

1. Blue Mountains tour

The Blue Mountains, in the northeast of Kingston, have more to offer than the world-famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee that’s grown there. You can explore the majestic green peaks, which are part of 195,000-acre John Crow Mountain National Park either on foot, on bicycle, or by car. The caffeine addicts can visit coffee plantations such as the Jablum Coffee Factory.

2. Dunn’s River Falls tour
Located in Ocho Rios, Dunn’s River Falls are one of the island’s top attractions that are perfect for a Jamaica honeymoon, especially when you consider the fact that you can climb to the top of this spectacular formation that looks like a giant wedding cake.

3. Dolphin Cove tour

Dolphin Cove is situated next to Dunn’s River Falls and is Jamaica’s premier marine amusement park. You can visit the Jungle Trail, which is populated by exotic animals and tropical birds. But for those on a honeymoon, the highlight is the chance to swim with the dolphins.

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