Monday, May 3, 2010

Gardens in Jamaica

If you are planning an eco-trip to Jamaica, you couldn’t ask for a better holiday destination. Whether you are planning a wedding, going for honeymoon or a family getaway, you’ll find great outdoors to suit your tastes and purpose. Though people usually associate Jamaica with beaches, there is more to the island than simply the sun, sand and sea. For example, Jamaica has some really beautiful gardens that form the perfect settings for weddings, honeymoons and picnics.

St Ann is known as Jamaica’s garden parish and not without reason. It boasts one of the island’s greatest attractions and that is Ocho Rios. There are many beautiful gardens here that are worth checking out. Just to deviate from the topic, it is worth mentioning that you can make your visit to the island all the more special by staying in Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments that are perfect for all groups sizes and budgets. Apart from providing you all the facilities and services of a hotel they also provide you all the privacy, comfort and space you need to reconnect with your loved ones and explore the island at your own leisure and pace. Coming back to the gardens, here are some that are located in and around Ocho Rios.

Coyaba River Garden: Coyaba is an Arawak word which means heaven Stroll through the garden and you will realize why. The grounds are a colourful riot of flowers, ferns, vines and trees. The delicate butterflies fluttering around do their bit to add to the beauty. There is also a river winding its way through the grounds. The garden also has a gift shop where you can enjoy a cup of Blue Mountain coffee. Besides there is also a museum housing a number of interesting artefacts and maps dating back to the Arawak times.

Cranbrook Flower Forest: The garden is spread across an impressive 130-acres and boasts four lawns with barbeque areas and swings perfect for wedding, parties and family picnics. The river winding its way through the property is one of the main attractions here. Go to the riverhead and you’ll see water gushing out of an underground source and falling straight into a natural swimming pool. There are also fishing ponds stocked with tilapia and a river winding its way through the property.

Shaw Park Gardens: The Shaw Parks Gardens are located on the hills overlooking Ocho Rios and form an ideal backdrop for a wedding. The gardens were initially a part of the Shaw Park Estate which became the site for one of the earliest hotels in Jamaica’s north coast.

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