Friday, May 21, 2010

Jamaica travel advice

Jamaica is a popular holiday destination inviting a million tourists every year, according to the Jamaican Tourist Board. The island’s largest airport is at Montego Bay. Then there are many cruise ships that call at Ocho Rios. To cater to the visitors, there are many Jamaica villas and cottages located nearby that form an ideal base to explore the islands.

Important destinations

The most famous destination on the island is without doubt, Ocho Rios, home to the magnificent Dunn’s River Falls. The most interesting aspect about these falls is that the water falls over a series of protruding rocks that form a natural staircase connecting the base to the top of the falls. Visit the falls and you will see a human chain weaving its way to the top. There is also a marine park by the name of Dolphins Cove nearby. The main attractions of the park are the dolphins and if you are looking for some fun and adventure you can wade into the water and actually swim with them. You can also visit Negril, known for its spectacular sunsets and equally stunning beaches, especially the Seven Miles Beach. Then there is Kingston, a must visit for those interested in music and the history of the island.


From five star resorts to hotels for all budgets, you can take your pick. However, most vacationers prefer to rent their own private space in the form of Jamaica villas and cottages that are more affordable than the other two options and also allow them to plan their own entertainment, prepare their own meals and immerse themselves in the culture and lifestyle of the locals.

Food and drinks

Jamaican cuisine is greatly defined by the local produce comprising pork, chicken and fish. The most popular dish is jerked meat-jerked chicken and jerked pork, or meat seasoned with peppers and spices and grilled over a hot fire made of pimiento wood and mixed in fiery jerk sauce. For drinks, you’ll find a vast variety of rums and also Blue Mountain coffee that is grown only on this island and is prized for its smooth richness.


The local currency is Jamaican dollar. However, the US dollar is commonly accepted in the country. You can shop for rum, coffee, jerked meat seasonings as also local paintings and wood carvings.

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