Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Places to visit in Jamaica: Negril

If you are planning a visit to Jamaica, you can include a visit to Negril in your itinerary, more so if you wish to spend some time soaking up the sun on the island’s most popular beaches. There are numerous Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments for the duration of your stay and to set base to explore Negril and the rest of the island.

Bloody Bay

The bay traces its name to the time when the whalers would butcher their catch here. It was a popular pirates’ hideout during the 1700s. It is also believed that it was here at Bloody Bay that Calico Jack Rackham and his two female consorts were captured.

Contrary to its colourful past, the bay today is relatively calm with a laid back atmosphere. In fact, a large part of the bay is undeveloped and there is a jungle that stretches right up to the sand. The bay is perfect for swimming and soaking up the sun. If you are hot and thirsty, you don’t have to venture out as you’ll be approached by numerous vendors selling food and drinks. Otherwise, you can head to the Office of Nature, a famous beachfront open air eatery where you can enjoy fresh lobster, caught offshore during lobster season and cooked over an open fire as you wait. When lobsters aren’t in season, fresh fish is prepared.

Seven Miles Beach

The name is a bit of misnomer for the beach actually stretches to four miles but the fact remains that it has been consistently voted amongst the best in the world. The beach starts at Point Village between Bloody Bay and Long Way and makes its way right to where the cliffs begin.

The water is calm and warm and is perfect for swimming. You can also enjoy both motorized and non-motorized activities as also parasailing. The beach is brimming with people and activity including vendors who’ll try to sell you everything from food and drinks to knick-knacks and hair braiding services. Then there are the enterprising ones that will offer you drugs but remember that possessing drugs in the country is illegal.

The beach has also a fair share of popular restaurants and bars. The road parallel to it is lined with the island’s own beer, Red Stripe.

Negril is a great place to relax, rejuvenate and spend quality time with your family and friends. To make your stay all the more comfortable, there are numerous Jamaican accommodation rentals comprising private villas and cottages that you can stay in for the duration of your visit.

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Negril is a popular destination for a Jamaica vacation, it offers a more laid-back atmosphere, with boutique hotels, quaint restaurants and local hangouts offsetting the large all-inclusives and resort chains. The activities include water sports on the beach, horseback riding and jungle tours. Thanks a lot!