Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer travel tips for Jamaica vacation

Summers are around the corner and with them comes the holiday season. You may be planning a trip to Jamaica and if indeed this is the case, here are some points that you can keep in mind to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you enjoy every moment of your stay on this breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean Island.
First is to plan your accommodation carefully for where you stay can make all the difference to your stay especially if it is a family vacation that you are planning. There are basically three options that you choose from and these include hotels, all-inclusive resorts and Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments commonly known as Jamaica accommodation rentals. Hotels are no doubt good but it is highly unlikely you’ll find rooms next to each other so if spending some quality time together is what you want, hotels may not be an ideal option. In case of all-inclusive resorts, they may prove to be expensive and may not have activities to cater to all age groups.
A better option can be Jamaica accommodation rentals that cater to all tastes and age groups. Take the case of Silver Sands villas, a secure community of villas and cottages that specially cater to families. These villas are located in beautiful garden setting facing a private beach. There is a separate play area for kids and if the adults don’t wish to venture out, they can enjoy their favourite movies on the DVD or simply lounge in the verandah and enjoy the views of the Caribbean. Also if you want to go out for activities that are meant for adults, the villa staff will arrange for childcare facilities so you don’t have to worry about them. Jamaica accommodation rentals also prove to be more cost-effective for families because you can book one according to your budget and each unit has a kitchen/kitchenette so you can dine in instead of eating out all the time. This would naturally help you cut costs.
Another thing to keep in mind is that to enter Jamaica your passport should show validity of atleast six months so make sure the passports are updated. Even if you plan to stay for less time than this, your passport should have six months validity.
Finally, the children of your relatives may be traveling with you. If this is the case, make sure you carry along an authorization letter duly attested by a justice of the peace or a notary public. This is to prevent child exploitation cases including human trafficking. You will be asked to show the letter to the immigration authorities who will return it to you after examining it. Make sure to keep the letter with you at all times because you may be required to show it to the officials at any time during your travel.

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