Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swimming with the dolphins in Jamaica

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica during your summer holidays, there is one activity that you must check out and that is swimming with the dolphins. The marine park, Dolphins Cove is located in Ocho Rios, which is also the island’s most well-known tourist site. To make sure you are near all the action, you can choose to stay in Ocho Rios apartments, set in a beautiful apartment complex in a gated compound in Ocho Rios bay.

The dolphins have always been portrayed as lovable creatures and they definitely are but you cannot discount the facts that they weigh around 300 pounds or more and even though they can smile, they also have teeth. So a swim with them can be both an adventurous and intimidating experience. And just to assure you, these mammals respond to every little signal of their trainers so there is nothing you need to fear.

As a first step, the animal trainers will brief you about the dolphins and what you can expect so that you go into the water prepared. The park has 16 dolphins but you’ll swim with two of them. Once you jump into the water, the dolphins will start swimming with you and will also clap, dance, and even kiss your cheek. When you begin to float on your belly, they’ll propel you forward by pushing their snouts on your feet. Higher and higher they’ll propel you and before you know it, you’ll be relaxing and enjoying the fun. Then all of a sudden, the trainer will blow the whistle and instantly the dolphins will turn back leaving you to fend for yourself, with your feet a bit soar but the spirits mighty high.

Then there is a trail through the rainforest that you can follow within the park. Jamaica is also famed for its wildlife and on route, you may just get the opportunity to cuddle an iguana or wrap a yellow boa constrictor around your neck. Also, if you didn’t find the swim adventurous enough, you can head to the shark enclosure and sit holding a trained nurse shark on your lap.

There are many other attractions that you can explore in and around Ocho Rios, notably the Dunn’s River Falls and the Green Grotto caves that are believed to have sheltered the original inhabitants of the island as also smugglers and run away slaves over the centuries.

There are many accommodation options that you’ll find near Ocho Rios. Aside from the Ocho Rios apartments, there are the Silver Sands villas that have villas and cottages to suit all tastes and requirements.

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