Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Adventure tours in Falmouth Jamaica

Falmouth, though not as well-known as Ocho Rios, Kingston, Port Antonio, or Montego Bay, has lots to offer the visitors. The development of a new pier which will begin functioning from January 2011, has brought Falmouth to the center-stage and locals are upbeat about the additional opportunities it will bring. Jamaican rentals such as Silver Sands Villas are also expecting a surge in bookings once the pier becomes operational.

Tour operators have also smelled opportunity and are investing heavily to take advantage of the huge tourism potential of the town that traces its origin to 1700s when it was a leading port town in the Caribbean. During the 1800s when sugar was the king, Falmouth emerged as one of the wealthiest towns in Jamaica and its importance is well reflected in the historic buildings and plantations.

Chukka Caribbean Adventure, which has won the Caribbean leading nature adventure excursion operator in 2010 for the fourth consecutive year, has invested more than US$2 million to broaden its adventure tours with an emphasis on the historical importance of Falmouth, and incorporating Good Hope Estate and Great House. It is now offering exciting tours that combine the old world charm of the place with exciting activities.

One such tour is the Chukka ZipLine Canopy & River Kayak Combo tour which takes you through a picturesque journey into the Good Hope plantation and then ends it with an exciting rubber tubing adventure on the Martha Brae River. This is an award-winning guided tour in which you are able to soar through the trees on horizontal traverses like a ‘Tarzan’ or ‘Jane’ and see the pristine waters of the Martha Brae River. The second part of the adventure is rubber tubing on the river that is named after a witch who is believed to have outsmarted the Spaniards when they ruled over the island.

This is just one of the several tours on offer. Then there are others such as the Chukka horse and buggy ride through historical Falmouth and the Falmouth historical highlights, beach break and lunch tour that provide a unique insight into the rich cultural heritage of the town. For the convenience of its guests, Silver Sands Villas also books tours with Chukka Adventures and provides transfers to Falmouth and other places of interest on the island.

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