Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dining in Jamaica

Jamaica is well known for its beaches and great outdoors. However, not many people realize that the food here can tempt the best of palates. There is no place like your own Jamaica villas and cottages to sample the best of the Jamaican cuisine prepared exclusively to your taste by the chef. Outside the Jamaica rentals, you’ll come across a wide array of restaurants and eateries serving up local delights.

The national dish of Jamaica is salt fish (dried cod) and ackee (the cooked fruit of the ackee tree). Another popular dish is rice and peas served with white rice. However, realize that peas actually refer to kidney beans. Coconut is liberally used in preparation and so are scallions (spring onions). You can also check out ‘Rundown’ a delicious reduced creamy coconut milk stew with chicken, meat, fish or vegetables and also Pepperpot soup, which contains chunks of salt pork and salt beef with okra and Indian kale (known as callaloo).

Even with drinks, Jamaica won’t disappoint. The island is synonymous with rum and you will find several varieties with the most popular being Appleton at 40%. The island is also famous for its Blue Mountains coffee, which is amongst the finest on the planet. No description of Jamaican food can be complete without mentioning jerked food, comprising jerked chicken and jerked pork. The specialty is easily available and you’ll find a number of vendors selling it along beaches.

The best place to savour the local delights is in your own ‘home away from home’ or Jamaica rentals comprising private villas, cottages and apartments.

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