Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jamaica on horseback

Jamaica boasts some great outdoors that remain untouched from development. The wild, rugged terrain is best explored on horseback where you can take your time, slow down and stop where ever a place captures your fancy. These horseback tours are available both for the novice and the experienced and are accompanied by guides who not only take care of your safety but also provide you valuable information, stories and insights into the places.

Once you have settled in your Jamaica accommodation, you can plan your great outdoor adventure. There are several companies that offer horse back tours in Jamaica including the well-known Chukka Adventures, Hooves, Rocky Point and Braco Stables.

The horseback tours take you both on land and water. Try out the horseback tour offered by the Chukka Adventures that takes you through beautiful scenic trails, cliffs, on the beach and ends finally with the horse entering into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean for the ultimate thrilling and refreshing experience.

Then there is the Bush Doctors tour offered by Hooves. The bush doctors treated the enslaved people during the slavery period. They were well-versed with the medicinal properties of the plants and herbs that grew on the terrain. Even now the bush doctors treat people in the rural areas. The tour takes you through the beautiful terrain and explores the places in which the plants important for health and healing are found.

Negril, known for its laidback ambience and beautiful beaches is also best explored on horseback. You can enjoy also a tour offered by the Rhodes Hall Plantation. The tour guides will provide you interesting information and stories related to the places and things of interest.

In Ocho Rios, you can opt for a horseback tour offered by the Chukka Cove Equestrian Centre. The three hour long riding tour includes riding the beach and also lessons in polo.

Some of the island’s most scenic places are to be found in the north coast of the island. In fact most tourists prefer to set base here and to cater to their demands the island offers a host of Jamaica rentals comprising private villas, cottages and apartments which visitors can choose according to their tastes and budgets.

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